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SOUTH AFRICA: Activist creates awareness on youth unemployment

Underlining the that youth unemployment remains a course for concern in the African Continent and South Africa in particular, a South African Activist Nico de Klerk in a quest to create awareness embarked on a 130 day walk from Pretoria to Cape town.

Nico de Klerk is a social activist and entrepreneur and is advocating and urging the youth to embrace entrepreneurship. De Klerk walked over 2 500 kilometers, a move aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship among underprivileged youth. According to de clerk, governments need to urgently tackle rising youth unemployment.  Nico de clerk, CEO of the nonprofit organisation StreetBiz Foundation, arrived in Cape Town after 130 days on the road.  He started this journey on July 18 this year at the Union Buildings in Pretoria. De Clerk has emphasized that is was imperative for him to embark on such a journey at a time when South Africa was commemorating the 100th birthday of a visionary, former president Nelson Mandela.

De Clerk was quoted as saying “You need to make a decision that you are going to cross boundaries out of comfort zone. Everything I did with the walk was communication with a 100 communities in commemoration of Mandela’s birthday, starting at his statue in Pretoria ending in Cape Town. I was interacting with communities on the plight of unemployed youth.”

The Social activist say he wants to use alternative ways to address poverty, unemployment and inequality as the top issues threatening the future and stability of South Africa.

“We are a unique country and its time that we should focus on that – because the spirit out there in the communities. All over, people just want to make it work and everywhere you experience goodwill. People going out of their way, friendliness, kindness so it was the challenge for my mind set to experience the positivity, that is at grassroots level and that should influence the whole of society,” says De Klerk.

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