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Boko Haram insurgency: President summons service chiefs over killing of soldiers

Boko Haram insurgency still remains a threat to Nigeria. The group’s insurgency has left the security of the West Africa nation in a very fragile. Acts perpetrated by the so called Islamist group like killings, abduction, and looting among others have instilled fear in the hearts of helpless citizens.

The Nigerian Army is actively involved in the fight against the common enemy. Both sides have recorded deaths.

President Muhammadu Buhari, commander in chief of the armed forces this Friday called for an urgent security meeting with Service Chiefs over the reported killing of some Nigerian soldiers by Boko Haram sect along the Nigeria-Chad border on Sunday. According to local reports, the urgent meeting was as a result of the latest security developments across the battle fields in the North East region Nigerian, where the Boko Haram militants actively operate.

Prior to the Bahuri led emergency meeting, The Nigerian Army on Friday acknowledged the alleged murder of some soldiers by Boko Haram sect along the Nigeria-Chad border on Sunday. As per reports, not less than 44 soldiers were killed during the Metele Battle. Metele is an isolated village bordering Nigeria and Chad. The army with regrets called the attack ‘’an unfortunate event’’. It also warned against the propaganda being circulated about the attack, adding that the situation has been properly handled.

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