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African Union admits sexual harassment ‘prevalent’

Sexual abuse has become an issue of utmost concern in Africa and the global world. The prevalence of this phenomenon mostly experienced by female employees has pushed Africa’s most powerful decision making body-The African Union to open investigations into sexual exploitation of employees within the bloc.

Following an internal investigation, it was revealed that Sexual harassment has become so common within the continental bloc, African Union. The revelation was made Friday November 23, by a committee set to monitor such acts. The committee was established in May this year to investigate anonymous allegations. According to their findings, some female employees, particularly those on internships, volunteer programmes or short-term contracts, were being sexually harassed or abused by their serving managers.


In a statement, the fact finding committee said, “It is the finding of the committee that incidents of sexual harassment exist” within the AU, adding that there was “almost unanimous confirmation of the prevalence of this occurrence by interviewees appearing before the committee”.

The statement added that senior staff styled themselves as “gate-keepers” and “king-makers” in order to exploit employees without job security.

In the quest to be fully employed, these vulnerable young employees were lured into believing that these managers were in the right position provide them contracts”.

Notwithstanding, The AU would henceforth establish an inclusive sexual harassment policy that seeks to shield the victims and take tough legal measures against any perpetrator.

Head of AU Commission Moussa Faki Mahamat is expected to take an immediate action by appointing another strong team to examine 44 defined cases.

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