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Zimbabwe a year after Mugabe: – “It’s worse” –

A year later, banks still lack liquidity, annual inflation has officially reached 20.8%, against a background of shortages of bread, sugar, rice or oil.

Emmerson Mnangagwa, legitimized by the polls in July, is committed to reviving the moribund economy, attracting investment and creating jobs.
“We’re still waiting for investors to come in, we’re still waiting for jobs to be created and prices going down,” says economist John Robertson.

“The president has made progress in arresting people guilty of corruption, but the repercussions of (Robert Mugabe’s) decisions are still there.”

Shortages of consumer goods fuel a black market, where prices are exploding. One liter of oil is worth up to $ 12 against $ 3.7 in supermarkets with sparse stalls.

The hopes of freedom were also showered by the violence of security forces who opened fire in August during post-election demonstrations against opposition supporters. Six people were killed.

Since the elections, opponents have accused the authorities of ongoing harassment.

For Ibbo Mandaza, head of the think tank Southern African Political and Economic Trust Series, “nothing has changed”. “On the contrary, it’s worse.”

Zanu-PF defends the record of the first year in power of Emmerson Mnangagwa. “A lot of positive things have happened since President Mnangagwa is in charge,” said party spokesman Simon Khaya Moyo.

“People are free to organize meetings,” he told AFP. In the elections, “we had” international “observers who were able to work” without restriction “.

“The economy is also showing signs of growth with many foreigners interested in investing.We have had many tourists.These are obvious signs that things have changed,” he says.

Unemployment, however, still caps around 90%. “The shortages are still intense and the government continues to intensify the suffering of the people,” said the main opposition party, the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

And Robert Mugabe lives a golden and peaceful retreat in his sumptuous “Blue Roof” villa in Harare.

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