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Mozambique: FRELİMO against FRELİMO

The trial of 189 suspected jihadi militants began in Mozambique, with the accused allegedly involved in attacks against police and civilians in the northern province of Cabo Delgado.

Over the last year, more than 50 people have been killed with gun, grenade and knife assaults in the growing jihadist insurgency, with the militants reportedly seeking to impose Sharia law in the Muslim-majority province.

 Locals and authorities call the assailants al-Shabaab. In fact, although the group has no known link to the Somalia or other terrorist organisations of that name, nor has it issued any claim of responsibility or demands.

At that time, RENAMO  (Portuguese: Resistência Nacional Moçambicana) opposition  accused the government of falsifying local election results in several areas, warning that such a move could prompt it to abandon peace talks.

The country went to the polls on October 10 in a key test for the ongoing peace talks between the ruling Frelimo party and Renamo — negotiations which began in 2016 to end three years of violence between government troops and RENAMO rebels. Gorongosa region, close to the northern of country where the RENAMO militants were most powerful in the past, was irrelevant.

On the other side, Nampula region in the north of the country is increasing the kidnapping and extortion events.

Whether these developments are related to each other is really a serious research topic.It can be said that this subject has a direct link with the geographic structure, political history, new gas discoveries and social structure of Mozambique.


After independence war, The FRELİMO Party (Portuguese: Frente de Libertação de Moçambique) has ruled Mozambique since then, first as a one-party state.

The Frelimo Party has ruled Mozambique since 1977, first as a one-party state.  After collapse of USSR at 90’s, as FRELİMO moved toward social democratic views. The Frelimo Party approved a new constitution in 1990, which established a multi-party system. Since democratic elections in 1994 and subsequent cycles, it has been elected as the majority party in the parliament of Mozambique.

FRELİMO, has been ruling Mozambique for more than forty years. Therefore, all the strategic decisions of the country have been the same view for the last four decades. As can be easily understood from this view, there is already a certain strongly opposition in the regions where the RENAMO movement. İn these regions, the people has no prospects for the future of Mozambique from the FRELİMO government. Just one of the problems that the FRELİMO has been in ruler party for too long time.


Distance between capital city Maputo and South African border (Ressano Garcia) is just 83 kilometers (51 miles) in Mozambique. Recently, the headquarters of Cabo Delgado, in the north of the country, are among the regions where the attacks of jihadi militants have increased. In these regions close to the border with Tanzania, there is a serious detachment due to geographic distance with the capital Maputo. By the way, distance between Maputo and Palma (Cabo Delgado) is 2689 kilometers (1670 miles) in Mozambique.

The distance to the capital city, one of the serious problems in these regions. These problems in the use of state services have caused serious reactions to the public.

The geographic location led to enrichment around Maputo and its surroundings, but could not provide any benefit to the north regions. Hence most of the state investments are intensified around capital city. The regions on the north are unable to receive investment from the central government, so social reaction is inevitable. The reaction of the Muslim population against central government in Cabo Delgado emerged from the jihadi terrorist organizations.

There is ‘absolutely’ no conflict between Muslim and Christians. The source of the problem originates from the location of the region.


Another important reason for the increasing attacks in the region is the large amount of gas reserves discovered in the northern regions. The western exploration and production companies has been found 20 billion barrels of natural gas in the northern coast of Mozambique in 2010. This discovery, could add $39 billion dollars to its Mozambican economy by 2035, according to some estimation.

North region, after result of the gas discovery (especially Nampula) has start to interesting by the other energy companies.

İt is known that, as American, British, İtalian, Russian and Chinese energy companies working in north region of Mozambique. At the same time the attacks have shaken plans to exploit vast natural gas discovered off the shores of Cabo Delgado, which borders on Tanzania to the north.

As it is understood from this issues, it is noticed that some local gangs are trying to take ‘tribute’ from foreign energy companies

Mozambique, which is the candidate to become Africa’s fastest growing economy, is indeed a promising country. FRELIMO is a very organized party that has a really serious political experience.  The FRELİMO party, has the capacity to cope with all the social problems with a new economic development model that has been studied well and is on the forefront of equal economic development.


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