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Three Burundian military suspects arrested in DRC refugee camp

Three Burundian military suspects were arrested for "smuggling" into a Burundian refugee camp in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

“Three people holding Burundian military cards were arrested in the Lusenda refugee camp where they had illegally entered,” a military source told AFP on condition of anonymity.

“Three people suspected of being Burundians smuggled into the DRC were arrested in the Lusenda refugee camp by the army,” said Captain Dieu-donne Kaasereka, spokesman for the army. South Kivu. “These people are currently being interrogated by Congolese military intelligence,” the officer added, refusing to say whether they were Burundian army soldiers. In this refugee camp, in mid-September 2017, 34 refugees had were killed in clashes with Congolese soldiers.

Burundi is going through a serious political crisis studded with violence since the candidacy in April 2015 of President Pierre Nkurunziza for a third controversial mandate and his re-election in July of the same year.

The violence has already killed between 500 and 2,000 people, according to sources (UN and NGOs), hundreds of cases of enforced disappearance and torture and has pushed into exile more than 400,000 Burundians.

More than 36,000 of them are refugees in the DRC, where they are settled in the saturated Lusenda camp, and in several transit camps.

Sources: AFP

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