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Zambian government blames opposition after anti-China protests.

The Zambian government on Friday accused the opposition of fueling "xenophobic" attacks against Chinese nationals after a spate of violence against the Chinese community and its companies.

“The xenophobic attacks against the Chinese are motivated by remarks made by politicians,” said Vice President Wai In front of the parliament.

“There are uprisings that originate in the university and other institutions of higher education but those against the Chinese have political motives,” she added.

This intervention followed sporadic riots that occurred this week in the cities of Buchi and Kawama. Workers protested after rumors that a logging company was sold to Chinese buyers.

Interior Minister Stephen Kampyongo has named opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema as responsible for the unrest.

“Hichilema made false and slanderous statements … which led to the looting of Chinese-owned businesses,” Kampyongo told the parliament.

Last month, young people looted Chinese businesses after a Chinese worker accidentally shot and killed a Zambian worker in the northern Kitwe mining town.

The anti-Chinese sentiment has been growing in Zambia since the government passed many contracts by borrowing large amounts of money in Beijing.

Article Sources : AFP

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