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Cameroon: the English-speaking secessionist leader finally in front of a judge.

Sisiku Ayuk Tabe's first public appearance, the English-speaking secessionist leader, president self-proclaimed of the virtual republic of Ambazonie. He was in front of a judge yesterday, to the Court of Appeal of Yaoundé with 9 of his fellow suspects. Their lawyers require their liberation. The audience took place under strong police presence.
For his(her,its) first public appearance since its arrest in December, 2017, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and his(her) nine companions(journeymen) made it a point of honor to look after details, in particular after appearances: hair very short and impeccable putting in uniform tracksuits of green and blue color.

Since their arrest in Nigeria, followed by their extradition in Yaoundé in January, 2018, many rumors had circulated on their fate(spell), some very alarmist. Especially as they had not appeared any more in public since then. Their supports and blood relatives had issued for the appeals demanding proofs of life on their subject to the government.

At the end of the audience which lasted two hours, the president self-proclaimed by Ambazonie was all smiles and threw(launched) far off a safety(salute) of both hands to about twenty close friends(relations) and friends run up to the trial.

One of its lawyers(avocados) confirmed to the journalists his(her) excellent state of shape. ” He(it) is in good shape “, he indicated underlining besides that Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and his companions(journeymen) were very happy to have been able for the first time to make listen their cause to a judge.

The audience in itself took place behind closed doors. The public and the journalists were maintained outside the room. The safety device was very impressive as for him with at least about twenty gendarmes heavily armed.

To indicate however that this stage in front of the Court of Appeal does not concern the examination of the file at the bottom. The advice of the defense, deducing that their customers were illegally held, introduced a request of immediate liberation. The secessionist leader and his nine fellow suspects joined their cells aboard a bus in the coloured windows. The judge sent back the deliberate on this question on next November 15th.
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