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Mental Illness, a Silent Killer

A Buddhist monk Dalai Lama, once quoted ‘’Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence, so that's very important for good health’’. Every day, the world records some deaths associated to Mental illnesses. It is therefore imperative that mental health of citizens especially children and workers be given utmost consideration in schools and at work places. Mental illness, a global problem the world is facing right now stands as a danger to a healthy mind and living. Thus, there is need to tackle the health issue.

Mental illnesses or disturbance refer to the major changes that occur in a man’s life with intend affects his mental health due to the many things that unfold in environment. Change in mood, emotional crisis, stress, depression, consequently leading to rejection and a lack. The World Health Organisation WHO has predicted that by the year 2020, Mental deficiencies of disorders will be the second identified health problem after cardiovascular diseases.


Giving a unique cause for mental illnesses will be deceiving, this is because many factors both natural and man-made account to why people suffer from poor mental health or mental illnesses. The following factors explain why our mental health becomes a course for concern.

  • Drug addiction
  • Emotional trauma or stress
  • Bipolar disorder ;( W.H.O’s statistics show that about 60 million people globally suffer from Bipolar disorders). Very alarming indeed
  • Rejection by the society due to a protracted illness like HIV/AIDS
  • Isolation and loneliness
  • Schizophrenia: an health disorder that affects a person’s ability to talk, think, emotions. About 23 million people worldwide suffer from this.
  • Troubled homes (this affects the mental health of children who can’t withstand the turbulence at home.
  • Sudden death of a loved one (Husband, wife, child, Mother, etc)
  • Domestic violence meted out on care givers
  • Poverty

Some other causes can hereditary such as the Brain Chemistry, pre-birth environmental exposure; i.e. drug, alcohol consumption by pregnant women can affect the mental state or health of the unborn child.


Outlining a specific way or manner in which one can prevent mental illness will be an over statement. Notwithstanding, accepting people with mental disorders among us is already a relieving factor. Other practical ways to contain the upsurge of mental illnesses include the following;

–  Counseling (especially for patients passing through stress and depression, drug addicts, traumatized pupils

-undergo therapy where needed, especially those with Bipolar disorders.

– Having enough rest can also boost our mental health, this applies to workers. Good eating habits, physical exercise among others are very imperative in our daily lives.

-Most importantly, social inclusion hastens recovery of people suffering from mental illnesses.

In the contemporary society, the most worrying aspect of it is that mental disorders are very prevalent among youths of school going ages. It is very prevalent in most developed countries and among workers mental illnesses. For example, almost 25% of Americans suffer from diverse mental disorders. Health specialists have therefore cautioned that people with problems, stemming from stress or depression be given total care and attention. In a recent report dubbed “New  Understanding, New Hope” the United Nations’ health agency tries to tackle Mental disorders, calling on authorities to look for lasting solutions for mental illnesses that are already available and affordable. According to the WHO, Governments should incorporate mental health care into primary health care and the general health care system.

AFRIC Editorial Article.

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