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The president of the Chibok Girls’ Parents Association calls on presidents Buhari and Paul Biya for help.

About 50 schoolgirls from Chibok kidnapped by Boko Haram were reported to have been seen in the villages of Garin Magaji and Garin Mallam in Marwa, northern Cameroon.

According to the testimony of one of the survivors, all the girls were married and many of them had children. The young lady also described precarious living conditions in which these girls live.

The president of the Chibok Girls ‘Parents’ Association said she was convinced of the survivor’s testimony and at the same time invited Presidents Buhari and Paul Biya to work together to secure the release of her young daughters.

So far, 112 of the 276 Chibok girls abducted in 2014 by the Boko Haram jihadist group in northeastern Nigeria are still missing.

Last year, several of them released by their captors in exchange for alleged members of Boko Haram detained by the authorities.

However, the extremist group continues to kidnap people to torture them, alarms Amnesty International.

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