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New African Strategy and France

In the period of the Arab Spring, the aggressive attitude of the Paris administration towards the Russians caused tensions between the two countries. De facto, the conflict with France continues, especially in Syria, even in Donbass. However, the influence of the French Armenian diaspora in Armenia and Karabakh causes an increase in anti-Russian sentiment in the region.

On the other side, after under the control of the French based war in Libya, the signing of Total, BP and ENI oil and gas agreements with the Libyan government creates serious opponents for delivering gas to Europe for Gazprom.
At the same time, the rapid growth of French energy investments in Iran led to a narrowing of anti-Western domination.
France is clearly destroying the interests of Russians in the Russian hinterland.
For Moscow, which means the Caucasus, for the Paris, one also means “Françafrique” that is, areas that cannot be removed from the control of foreign influence in any way.
Over the past 50 years, 67 military coup have been committed in 26 African countries, 16 of which were former French colonies. These conversions were mostly against governments that wanted to withdraw from the CFA Franc financial system. The CFA currency system is the only means by which France can establish political pressure on its old colonies.
İn fact, French currency system CFA is not very strongly, which is established in African Francophone countries, the Kremlin infuelence can destroy this rules any time.
For the administration of Elysse, even today the French-speaking region is perceived as a problem of national security for the France. As Jacques Chirac said; “Without Africa, France will quickly become a third world country”. This fact is known in the administration of the Kremlin. In this way, the Kremlin’s new strategy is to force the French administration out of Africa and get away from the pressure of France in other regions like Ukraine, Syria, Armenia and Karabakh.

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