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Equatorial Guinea: 34 released pardoned prisoners.

In Equatorial Guinea, 34 political prisoners, a member of the main opposition party were released Monday, a dozen days after the announcement of a presidential pardon.

Mostly condemned for “sedition, public disorder, attacks on authority and serious injuries”, these activists of the party Citizens for Innovation had benefited from the presidential pardon last October 10 during festivities marking the independence of the country.

The pardoned prisoners were detained in Evinayong prison on the mainland. Among them was Cipriano Nguema Mba, a former army lieutenant-colonel arrested in Nigeria for attempted coup and then extradited to Malabo.

Despite this gesture of amnesty, opponents still deplore the death in detention of two of their militants as a result of torture according to the party.

Last Wednesday, Equatorial Guinea President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo denied rumors of torture. It was during an interview on the Spanish public television.

The wave of liberation began Saturday with the release from prison of 55 other political figures.

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