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The place of the “Big Dream” in the development of Africa

Article from AFRIC Editorial
Until the advent of the "American Dream," which has been catalogued as one of the most important ways of thinking in the history of mankind, it was almost impossible to think that the "dream" alone could restore the image of an entire country or a continent. This was without counting on the capacity of this concept to be able to create major migratory flows capable of strengthening an individual's determination to succeed in a given environment. In the specific case of the United States and the American dream, it started from a very simple idea: whether an immigrant or a national, anyone living in the United States can become prosperous through hard work, courage and determination, regardless of social and financial status. So, for anyone living on American soil, the first key to success is the "Big Dream," "the dream of greatness”.

If the American Dream has been sufficiently proven in Uncle Sam’s country, under other skies, it still seems a distant notion, even if more and more people tend to assert themselves by putting forward the dream of seeing their continent great. In the case of the African continent, just dreaming of a continent that will one day prosper through the “African dream” and personal actions could lead to a reversal of the development curve, and there is no lack of standard-bearers or ambassadors of a “Big African Dream” today. Even if the latter are still few in number, their actions and prowess across the continent are inspiring more and more Africans to be inspired by them to help achieve sustainable development goals.

Dreaming Africa, being positive

The need for the Big Dream in the development of Africa is undeniable. For any African concerned about the development of the continent, they must inculcate the zeal and aspirations of Martin Luther King with his famous I Have a Dream speech. The African dream should be underpinned by greatness, stability and prosperity, through individual will and action that will make the continent the land of growth and opportunities for all. If this idea comes true, the continent will have earned a good part of its heritage, since there will be fewer, if not, very few Africans who will venture out, braving the desert and the sea at the risk of their lives, in search of an Eldorado far from Africa.

Many Africans and non-Africans have already understood this, even if others are still slow to give the African Big Dream the place it deserves in the continent’s development aspirations. In the case of Marlene, owner of the travel blog “La Girafe Qui Vole”, which recommends young Africans to dream big, the observation of Africa, land of all opportunities, does not suffer from any legitimacy. To reinforce her idea of the importance of the Big Dream in the development of Africa, the blogger, in one of her outings, spoke of the African dream in the superlative. “After my report, in which I revealed what I experienced in 2017 and my next projects in 2018, I wanted to write a new article under the sign of the dream and Africa to continue to inspire you, to give you wings and this time to fly (again) in African lands,” she wrote on her page on January 2018.

The African dream is a richness symbolized by three ingredients: sharing, solidarity and culture. Lovers of the continent, who share its rich culture to a greater or lesser extent, embody the idea that Africa has one of the greatest spiritual migratory flows in the history of mankind, the most mysterious continent. Following in Marlene’s footsteps, Ernest Hemingway, an American writer/journalist and war correspondent who is very much in love with Tanzania, leaves no room for doubt that the “African Dream” could be the key to the continent’s development. To him, Africa appears to be the land of the recipe for happiness, and where, with a little will and work, all Africans could become real levers of development, be it industrial, entrepreneurial or cultural. To confirm what he thinks of the African Big Dream, he declares: “I have never known a morning in Africa where I woke up without unhappy”.

Dreaming Africa, making it real

The new African generation is full of ideas. All they need to do is to cross the threshold of realization, and they must start by “dreaming big”; dreaming big for their ideas, dreaming big for their continent, which must be seen as the land of all possibilities and achievements. It is only through this channel, that the “Big African Dream”, will be able to encourage others to follow the trend to enable the development of the continent. The Big Dream already plays a very important role in the development of the continent. For the South African filmmaker Karabo Lediga, author of the film “What Did You Dream?” Which celebrated its world premiere at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival: there is no doubt that the Big Dream is of unimaginable value for the development of the continent. To the question what did you dream of when you came to the international competition of the biggest festival in the world dedicated to short films in Clermont-Ferrand, she answered; “I dreamt that people from my country and my continent could be seen all over the world. I want to portray people like me, with balanced, nuanced and ordinary stories, without violence, stories of childhood as I loved them. I grew up in South Africa and resonate the experience of many South Africans. I want to tell funny and offbeat little stories about everyday life in Africa. And that’s exactly what I dreamed of.”

The place of the Big Dream in the development of Africa does not stop at the level of culture or cinema. Several other actors, through their contributions, have shown that to achieve prosperity, Africa and Africans should dream as big as Americans and even beyond as Africa is playing catch up. Like several other Africans in this class, the Franco-Chadian entrepreneur Madjissem Béringayé dreams of giving a fairer vision of Africa by relying on a new generation full of ideas.

To this end, in March 2014, she launched the platform “Living The African Dream”, which identifies positive initiatives in Africa. Going further, it plans to support them by opening business incubators on the continent to host all these new generation projects. This African Dream was born because Madjissem Béringayé was fed up with links Africa too often to poverty, famine, diseases and war.

For Madjissem Béringayé, every citizen of the continent must be able to live his or her African dream to the fullest. Dream big for Africa and act now, as she says in her maxim “Dream big, start small, act now”, She campaigns for the development of youth entrepreneurship in Africa, the education of African youth in entrepreneurial culture must be the battle horse of every African who dare dream for a prosperous, rich and peaceful Africa. “Education and training are the best means to put all the chances on its side to have a bright future,” she explains. She went on to say that “it is only by dreaming big, by encouraging creativity, initiative and entrepreneurship that we will be able to provide a human and constructive response to the problems of African emigration and, more broadly, to position Africa as a privileged destination for business, tourism and cultural exchange.

Like Madjissem Béringayé, the Cameroonian Arielle Kitio, winner of the Margaret 2019 Award – African Digital Woman of the Year, asks Africans to continue to dream big for their continent. For her, it is only by this means and when the idea is sufficiently ingrained in the minds of Africans that the continent will be able to achieve true industrial, cultural, economic and social development. Possessing all the necessary assets to seduce the African youth, she declared in 2017, on Digital Business Africa (then TIC Mag) that: “the most important advice I will give to young people who, like me, feel the mission to be as useful as possible for the emergence of their homeland, Africa and the human is simply to dream big. Our first limit is the one we impose on ourselves. The other piece of advice is a single sentence resulting from a compilation of advice that inspired me: Dream Big, Work Smart, Be Resilient; Surround yourself with like-minded smart people, Tell your story “.

Like the predecessors, several other actors in the African Big Dream advise young Africans to dream big, work hard and persevere. For all the major actors in the development of the African continent, it is only in this way that we can have another Arthur Zang, another Clarence Peters or even another Nathalie Yamb who, for her particular case, preferred to put an end to a brilliant professional career to start the political fight for a new Africa, an Africa that will belong to Africans, an Africa where all Africans will be able to dream big and hope to one day see their dreams come true and finally an Africa where Africans will have the leaders they deserve.

Article from AFRIC Editorial

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