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Africa’s Tourism at the Forefront, Kanye West to Spur Tourism in Uganda

Over the years, Africa has recorded enormous successes in the quest to boost growth in all sectors. The African continent referred to as the cradle of humanity is well known for its attractive nature and the many touristic destinations. Like elsewhere in the World, the Tourism industry has gained grounds in the African continent and Uganda in particular. This has earned the admiration of both local and international tourists from around the world.

According to the World Tourism Organization the number of tourist arrivals on the continent increase from almost 50 million to 130 million in the coming year.  Uganda’s touristic endowments recently attracted Kanye West, an American rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur and fashion designer. Kanye West, his wife Kim Kardashian Wests made a courtesy call on Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni. Their discussions were centered on boosting Uganda’s tourism and Arts.


Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni once said; ‘’there is no better place for tourism in the world than Uganda”. This winds down, to the fruitful discussions held by the visiting Music Icon Kanye West and President Museveni. The Ugandan leader and Kanye West together with his wife discussed a range of issues at Entebbe, following the visit of the American artist to the East African Country. In efforts to present Uganda’s touristic sites to the outside world, talks between Museveni and the Celebrity focused on uplifting Uganda’s tourism industry and Arts. Kanye West and Family embarked on a journey to Uganda for both leisure and business purposes. While in the East African Country the music star shot a video for his impending project ‘’Yandhi”. The video shoot was affected at The Chobe Safari Lodge in Western Uganda This new music seeks to bring the American World of entertainment closer to Nature. This stands as an assurance to Uganda’s authority that Kanye West presents a new market for Uganda’s tourism.  Worthy of note is the fact that Kanye has vowed to cooperate with the administration to build a hospitality training institute in Uganda in efforts to spur the tourism industry.


Tourism involves the movement of people one place to another for leisure or business purposes. Like other African nations, Uganda has greatly invested in the tourism industry. According to the Tourism review 2011, the country witnessed a 25% increase in tourism-related activities.  According to a report published in March 2018, tourism contributed about US$1.35 billion into Uganda’s export in 2016, representing the single highest foreign exchange earner; thus a 23.5% of total exports. In 2018, a total of 1.3 million tourists visited Uganda. Tourism is a vital economic activity in Uganda and serves as a source of employment to many Ugandans. This can either be direct or indirect employment. We have tour guides, secretaries, Drivers etc. Notwithstanding, stability in the East African Nation, its natural and cultural endowments are some of the factors favouring Tourism in Uganda.


Queen Elizabeth National Park: Located in the western side of Uganda

– The Gorilla Watching in Bwindi National Park.

-Kasubi tombs located 6km from Kampala city. The tombs are important to the Buganda Kingdom, 4 Kings of the Kingdom (Kabaka) were buried in it.

Uganda’s tourism drive remain in a Major Priority!!!!!.

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