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Ivory Coast: What are the 3 most important problems of the country?

Article from AFRIC Editorial
AFRIC has conducted research in Ivory Coast in January 2019 and here is what was bothering Ivorian’s most of all a year ago.

On December 11 AFRIC coordinators took part in a round table “Francafrique: Postcolonial struggle of Ivory Coast” held in Moscow by the head of the Committee on media and communications of the Civic Chamber of Russian Federation Alexander Malkevich. The urgently gathered event was dedicated to the current situation in Ivory Coast and deportation of LIDER advisor and AFRIC honorary expert Nathalie Yamb, who had to leave the country on December, 2.
Experts from Russia and embassies of African countries had an opportunity to hear the story behind the deportation and an elaboration on the political landscape of Ivory Coast.

The full video is available here:

Article from AFRIC Editorial

Photo Credit : google image/illustration

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