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Expulsion of migrants in Angola: Kinshasa speaks out

Kinshasa has trouble digesting the expulsion of his fellow citizens from Angola. On Wednesday, the Congolese authorities summoned the Angolan ambassador to express the "indignation" of the Republic. In a statement, Congolese Foreign Minister Leonard She Okitundu called on Angola to "conduct a thorough investigation to determine who is responsible for these unlawful acts."

“Otherwise, the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo would be obliged to seize the competent authorities,” he threatened. “The DRC will not fall into the trap of brutally expelling Angolans living on its soil,” She Okitundu said.

Tuesday, the issue was also on the agenda of the Council of Ministers held in the presence of the Head of State Joseph Kabila. The government regretted the “non-respect of the principle of prior information requiring any country that expels irregular migrants to inform the host country of the persons to be deported in advance. better care of the latter “.

Indeed, Luanda blames Congolese migrants for illegally investing and exploiting its diamond mines. It is therefore several of these migrants – estimated at some 30,000 by the DRC – who have been expelled “brutally” and with “loss of life” in recent weeks, said the Council of Ministers.

In a speech to Parliament on Tuesday, Angolan President Joao Lourenco said that illegal immigration linked to illicit diamond mining has reached an alarming level. Luanda, however, rejected accusations that the evictions took place in violence, noting in passing that the border agreement between the two countries allowed visits only up to 48 hours.

According to AFP, a dozen migrants were expelled during these operations. Angola and the DRC share the longest land border in Africa (nearly 2,500 km). In recent months, the Congolese government reacted very strongly as soon as it got the impression that Luanda was interfering with the electoral process under way in the DRC.

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