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Abu Bakr-al-Baghdadi’s demise

Article from AFRIC Editorial
The United States of America’s foreign policy has been that of dealing with what they dubbed the war on terror with a crusade against terrorist leaders and their groups. Osama Bin Laden was one such victim who went into hiding for a while until he was eventually apprehended and dealt with. Bin Laden was the founder of the Islamist terrorist group called Al-Qaeda and was killed in Pakistan in 2011 by United States Navy Seals. His crimes were planning and coordinating terror attacks around the world thus posing a threat to world peace.

Saddam Hussein of Iraq was another victim of the United States as he was accused of being a dictator. He was captured by the United States and finally met his fate in 2003. He was widely condemned for his brutal dictatorship. The total number of Iraqis killed by the security services of Saddam’s government in various purges and genocides is conservatively estimated to be 250 000. His invasions of Iran and Kuwait also resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths.  He was convicted by the Iraq court of crimes against humanity related crimes among the 1982 killings of 148 Iraq Shi’a and sentenced to death by hanging.

The current buzz is the killing of the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi whom the US had been tracking in an effort to deal with these so-called terrorist outfits. One might ask if really these individuals and followers are wilful terrorists with just an aim to go around destroying properties, killing people and disrupting the peace in the global community. Apparently reports claim that Baghdadi blew himself up including his three children after he realised he had run into a dead end. His death has been met with mixed feelings globally with some leaders said to be hailing it as a turning point in the fight against ‘terrorism’, while some governments poured cold water on its significance.

The Saudis commended the US in the death of the ISIS leader, describing the operation as a historic step in the fight against ‘extremism’. Surprisingly most Arab countries seemed relieved by the death of Baghdadi as they claim that he and his followers had tarnished the image of ISLAM. It remains to be known if the death of Abu Bakr will stop ISIL or rather will fuel more insurgency against what ISIL feels is white supremacy. Iran played down the incident as ‘no big deal’ showing their indifference to the death of the ISIL leader.

The motive of the death of Abu Bakr seems questionable as the US soon after containing the Abu Bakr situation, deployed more troops around Syria oil fields. Apparently, President Trump was quoted to have said he hopes to secure a US share of Syrian oil revenues, which critics have designated as potentially a war crime. Justification for the deployments are said to have been part of the continuing counter-terrorist mission after killing of the Islamic State leader, Abu Bakr-al-Baghdadi. Abu Bakr’ crimes vary from kidnapping, crimes against humanity and terrorist activity under the ISIS banner. Celebrations are centred from families of victims of kidnappings, disappearances and joining of the ISIS terrorist outfit. Isis fighters rampaged through the town of Sinjar in northern Iraq in 2014. They massacred thousands, and forcefully captured a number of women and children into slavery. These are actions of enemies of peace for a while through these actions were applying for discipline. It is estimated that thousands of those abducted are still missing and thousands more live in limbo in refugee camps, unable to return to their homes. Mass graves are still being discovered in Sinjar to this day.

With such a trail of destruction by Baghdadi and his followers, one might say the ISIL had it coming for himself although he died before he could atone for his many crimes. President Trump stated that Baghdadi’s demise demonstrates America’s relentless pursuit of terrorist leaders and their commitment to their enduring and total defeat of ISIS and other terrorist organizations. The statement serves are a determent to those terrorist groups wreaking havoc and threatening global peace. It remains to be seen what will become of the ISIS survivors, will they regroup? Will they launch and offensive or even be motivated by the death of their leader Baghdadi or is this a fresh new leap towards peace.

Article from AFRIC Editorial

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