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CAN 2019: Madagascar qualifies for the first time in its history

The national team of Madagascar has won this Tuesday, October 16th its ticket for CAN 2019 which will take place in Cameroon. This, beating Equatorial Guinea by a goal to zero.

Who would’ve believed that ? And yet, it’s true. It’s back in the annals of history. Madagascar is the first country to qualify for CAN 2019 in Cameroon.

The big island has validated this Tuesday, October 16th its ticket at home by beating Equatorial Guinea by a goal to zero. With 10 points Zebu can no longer be eliminated. And have just opened the path that leads right to Yaounde. Upcoming matches including the one against Sudan will only be formalities.

Senegal and Sudan are also part of Group A. The Terranga Lions should also reserve their place if they beat Sudan earlier. first qualifier for the CAN 2019 is known and so much to say right away, very few people would have bet on him at the start of the playoffs. However, thanks to a 1-0 home win against Equatorial Guinea this Tuesday on the occasion of the 4th day of qualifications, Madagascar validated its ticket first!

Njiva Rakotoharimalala, who plays in Thailand, scored the only goal of the game (41st) to offer a historic qualification to his country which will play its first final phase! If it is needed in Sudan in the evening, Senegal will also validate its ticket for Cameroon to bend the suspense in this group A.

The starting lineups: Madagascar: Dabo – Metanire, Rakotondrazaka, Razakanantenaina, Mombris – Nomenjanahary, Amada, Ilaimaharitra, Voavy – Rakotoharimalala, Andriatsima.

Equatorial Guinea: Ovono – Rui, Mbele, Belima, Randy – Sisinio, P.Ganet, Ibán Salvador, Kata, Josete Miranda – Kike Seno.

Provisional classification of group A: 1. Madagascar, 10 pts (+4). 2. Senegal, 7 pts (+6). 3. Equatorial Guinea, 3 pts (-4). 4. Sudan, 0 pt (-6)


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