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The pride of our time: African excellence

Article from AFRIC Editorial
African Women are on the rise and there are no two ways about this fact. African women, over time, have shed off all fears, timidity and excelling in all areas yielding enormous influence in politics, business, media, and technology. They are trendsetters, inventors, thinkers, changer makers and above all global leaders. Although the revolution has not been easy, African women have become a contemporary renaissance in a journey of transformations. The impact of women in Africa cannot be understated or undermined. When it comes to power in Africa, it automatically resounds the image of men and well they make up the majority, however, in recent times, the tables turned African women have risen to match up in power and in all aspects of society.

Today it is rare not to find women president, business and media MOGUL, technology and many other fields where women are taken charge and in men dominated fields. Whiles the list have increasingly shot up, we would want to talk about a few who are impacting their communities as well as inspiring young African women across the region and even globally

Yolanda Zoleka Cuba, Corporate Executive: South African.

Yolanda was only 29 when she was appointed CEO of Mvelaphanda Group, which was listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. She is one of the most sought-after business’s leaders, she has served as CEO of many significant conglomerates and sat on many boards in Africa and beyond which include ABSA, Steinhoff, etc. Formerly the Chief Executive Officer of Vodafone Ghana, she now serves as chief digital and fintech officer at MTN. Africa’s largest telecommunication group.

Dambisa Moyo, Zambia: Economist

Dr. Dambisa is a Zambian-born international economist who evaluates the economies and global affairs and New York Times international best-selling author. Her most recent book, Dead Aid: Why Aid Is Not Working has gained a lot of attention worldwide. She is one of most vocal advocates and fights for the abolition of foreign aid in Africa . The Zambian-born economist, in March 2011 addressed an audience of 2,000 guests, which included British Prime Minister David Cameron, Queen Elizabeth II during the annual observance ceremony in commemoration of the Commonwealth day. She currently sits on the boards of Barclays Bank, the financial services group, Seagate Technology, Lundin Petroleum and many more.

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Ex-President: Liberia

She was the first elected woman leader in African. She worked effortlessly to fight and curb Ebola, unemployment, and corruption in Liberia. She served as the 24th President of Liberia from 2006 to 2018. She won the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize for her commitment and tireless work done toward the right of women and security. Currently, Johnson Sirleaf chairs a UN High-Level Panel on Migration in Africa.


Chimamanda Adichie, Writer: Nigeria

One of Africa’s leading contemporary literary writers, she is an award-winning writer who has rejuvenated the African literary sphere with many great books including Chinua Achebe, Camara Laye, Half of a Yellow Sun that won the coveted Orange Prize. She is a trailblazer with a powerful voice worldwide and in Africa.

Bozoma Saint John, Business Executive: Ghana

A top Ghanaian business executive with her career spanning from Apple, PepsiCo, Apple, Uber, and now Endeavo. She is the brains behind Beyonce’s Superbowl show, she also created Apple Music’s ad campaign with black celebrities. Her works have been on huge platforms like Billboard Magazine’s list of top women in music, Fast Company’s 100 most creative people, she is disrupting the entertainment industry as she is on the rise to greatness.

Kamissa Camara, Cabinet Minister: Mali

Kamissa was the youngest and first female foreign minister in the history of Mali. She is one of the 11 women in government; the 35-year-old is currently Minister of digital economy and planning. Kamissa, plays a crucial role in Malian politics creating impact in governance and excelling in her space.

Folorunsho Alakija, Oil magnate/Business woman: Nigeria

Folorunsho Alakija is the vice chair of Famfa Oil, she is worth $1.6 billion (€1.4 billion). She is also one of the richest person in her country and in the world. She is also involved in various industries such as fashion, arts, and printing.

The oil magnate is also known for her philanthropic work through Rose of Sharon Foundation assisting orphans and widows by donating business grants and scholarships to them.

Bogolo Joy Kewenedo, Minister: Botswana

Bogolo is currently the minister of Investment, Trade, and Industry in Botswana. Her energy in transforming mere policies into actions landed her a seat in cabinet, she was appointed by the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres to serve as a member of the UN High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation.


African women are soaring high, creating a movement and trend both on the continent and across the globe. The region continues to breed top talents especially women, as policies and investments are seriously being pushed in young women. Every young woman has the chance to be greater even more than these listed women, the resource is available it is just a matter of mindset and one a question, as African women are we ready for excellence and change?

Article from AFRIC Editorial

Photo Credit : google images/illustration

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