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Growing Africa businesses in the digital era

Article from AFRIC Editorial
We are in an era where you take over technology in business or it takes over your business and it’ll take your business fast! Given the current technology and information age, the business setting and its environs change within a spilt seconds through the diverse mediums because, communication in business, transactions in business has a different dynamic now, it moves at the lighting of speed. As an African business, it is key to adapt and stay current in this era of evolution, investing in new technologies and the latest trends. Businesses are now digital, thus the mindset or brains that run the business must think in that light. In branding, marketing, reputation management and all other elements of business all are centered on digitalization.

The elements have experienced the rapid shift from traditional industry to the current era of knowledge-based consumerism that has developed new ways and has become the driving force for the evolution of all businesses worldwide despite the industry, or sector. Business is now built-in digital landscape from its inception to the end. The era has forced businesses to be transparent, allowing consumers to interact and actively engage with brands and also allow consumers to have ease of access to information, etc.

What does the digital business landscape mean for African Business?

It simply means upgrade and adaptation. Gone was the day where business was simple, open a store or a service, source your products or define your service, buy, sell and repeat. This has totally been scrapped out in modern times rather it has taken a different toll due to the rise of technology at an unparalleled pace. African businesses need not be left behind.

African business can focus on three key areas in this era of digital business:

Meeting Consumers expectation: The digital era has birthed a different set of consumer expectation, it is no longer buy and sell and smiling at consumers. Well, the tables turned. Businesses are now faced with meeting the demands of consumers which often requires technological efforts, which include easy accessibility, prompt communication, more driven additional value to product or services, etc. Consumers are now in need of seamless experience across all channels no matter your distance as a business.

Transformation of operational models and business abilities: The evolution of technology has brought about the change in operating or running businesses. In the end-to-end value chain, through integrated technologies business or organizations are able to have real-time insights using tools that make business easy for both the organization and consumers. The use of technological platforms like Jumia, Uber, etc… have all tailored their operating systems and models to suit the 21-century technological consumers.

Online Presence: Online presence especially social media can’t be emphasized enough for the African business in this era. The scope of social media is endless and is the most interactive medium for humans and business now

Businesses now understand that their scope of work is not for their immediate market and the number one goal for most businesses is to expand into emerging markets beyond their zone. Social media has made this a reality as it provides the most accessible, and the widest form of connectivity for on-the-go businesses, to reach countless consumers.

The aim of using technology for commercialization is to bridge the gap between consumers and the business. Due to this accessibility of online presence, the rise of competition is also on the high. Consumers make their preference based on what they see, by establishing not just online presence but a strong presence. A business increase its tendency of consumers to patronize their products or services since they are subtly appealed by the convenience and sight. This enacts the atmosphere of consumers feeling closer to the businesses.

Disruptive technology is transforming Africa’s economy and potential in a huge way, creating new target markets and unmatched consumer choices. Exploiting these potential opportunities requires a different and complete rethink and mindset of business and consumer engagement. Western businesses are thriving simply for the fact that they have been able to understand the trends and taken a solid advantage of it.

Luckily for us, technology is less costly and how to reaps benefits from it entirely depends on the users, while mobile connectivity is well advanced across Africa, internet availability is a bit behind, however the no matter the spot you find yourself in as a business or organization, you can create the best out of it. Whether small internet connectivity or abundance it all depends on the brain behind the business.

And before you think it’s too much a deal to go through modern trends studying and understanding the innovative technologies available, note that digital landscape is open to everyone, and your competitors aren’t out for jokes either- So it is either you take it or be taken!

Article from AFRIC Editorial

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