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General elections in Mozambique: Preliminary opinions of observers deployed by AFRIC

The sun has been setting for some time here in Mozambique. Many voters came to fulfil their civic duty. Concerned about respecting their choice, long queues, delays in opening polling stations or other minor problems did not prevent Mozambicans from making their voices heard. Our observers tell us about it!

“In Zambezia province, specifically in Querimane and its surroundings, the vote took place without major incidents. It is in serenity that Mozambicans have fulfilled their duty as citizens in this part of the country. On the positive side, it is worth noting the time taken by members of the disputed offices to explain to each voter entering the room the voting process. The order in some polling stations despite the crowds, the presence of the Red Cross health services. No clashes between activists from different parties. However, there are some weaknesses in the organization in rural areas, with a lack of involvement of the police to ensure the calm and clumsiness of the members of the polling stations to coordinate the ranks of voters. While the countdown began in some offices at 7pm, others did not proceed with this step until around 8:30pm”.

“During the day, we went through several polling stations in Chimoio. As highlights, the polling stations we visited all opened on time! On the various polling stations visited, we noticed the presence of the police and the polling stations were all in schools. There is a high number of visitors in the various visiting offices. In the end, no major incidents to report here in Chimoio. The counting is going well before our eyes right now”.

“This is the first time I collaborate with Afric. Today I watched the voting process in the Republic of Mozambique the process is running smoothly. The voters at various polling stations in Maputo city were very polite and obedient. There for I congratulate the  Nationl commission of elections”.

“Today we spent the day Observing elections in Nampula. The atmosphere was largely calm and peaceful despite an anticipation of violence in Nampula. Some poling stations that we visited opened a few minutes late. In almost all visited stations, the majority of voters were women and youth”.

“There was one incident of agitation and some violence in Mozambique island between opposition party agents accusing each other of violence.  Police removed the two men and voting then proceeded. But the day went well for the most part.”

“The election day in Inhambane region was carried out in proper way, the procedures were implemented strictly according to the law of the Republic of Mozambique. At all polling stations, where we were, we saw high standards of work of the electoral officials. The only common problem is the lack of good infrastructure, especially with the electricity and places for voters to stay in queues.”

“This day has been good, fortunately there was no violence or any incidents at the stations in and around Beira central. The voter turnout was moderate as there are many unused ballots as we start counting now. The queues were filled with youth in the mornings, and elders in the afternoon. The CNE staff were also very welcoming for us as observers and where we could speak we got some information we needed”

AFRIC editorial

Photo crédit/ AFRIC observers

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