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The spirit of teamwork: the way forward for Africa.

Article from AFRIC Editorial
In July 2010, the best football teams assembled and held the world in awe with their impressive performances during the FIFA World Cup tournament. However, the most spell-bounding performance came from Spain. Throughout the tournament, they kicked the ball each time with a plan. The team brought players who played for different clubs in training leading up to the tournament. Evidently, such situations in football tends to create some problems for the teams since each player comes from different clubs, however, it brings to the field a unique style of play according to the programming of their respective coaches ; many teams present consistent moves with the ball as some individuals get to stand out from among the rest. It is a familiar sight.

The Spaniards were a glowing sight of tremendously consistent moves, entertaining, purposeful passes; the tact of which eluded the Dutch and saw the Spaniards lift the cup. The team came to win! Although the players we all from different teams, with a different mindset of the game. They all brought their ideas on board and consolidated to one agenda to win. Purpose and intent were visibly the underlying forces of those kicks and passes, which saw them to victory

The power of teamwork is a very powerful spirit that unity frontiers and nations to a greater end. Although Africa has been a place of many cultures, languages, people, etc. but the spirit of oneness and Africanism resonate with everyone or nation across the region.  As a continent, we can unite in the force of teamwork, togetherness to fight and develop our region. Teamwork stands out in any group that relies on consistency and focuses on the sole purpose of their actions: to achieve their goal. Here our goal is to develop Africa. The game of football is exemplary of how Africa should function. The movement of the ball thrives on the direction the team takes it. Here, the ball symbolizes the continent and the goal net is the success of how Africa should be

In order to achieve success, each nation should be situated in its expected position and function to deliver its role. Or else some other countries might be in tight situations and their problems might affect others. Africa is such that the nations are connected through migration, marriage, business, friendship, etc. If one falls the other goes down as well.

Consequently, teamwork by African countries would cause the region to thrive from the innovation and skills each nation uniquely possess. A classic example is how Cote D’Ivoire and Ghana in recent times who are of the largest producers of cocoa joined forces to determine and quote the prices of cocoa in the international market. The international market used to determine and quote prices of how we should sell our cocoa. This joint teamwork and initiative have led the two countries to now determine how much the worth of their cocoa should be. An initiative that would boost the economic development of the region.

Each country that forms such an alliance should realize their collective power as individual states and harnessed them in a positive direction aided by our resources and workforce.

It is a high time we come together, stand as one and fight for the betterment of our region especially in the international market place, in the sale of our resources, negotiations of aid for the region to benefit more, whiles putting our people first in terms of benefits.Teamwork in Africa is the path that can lead to progress in the region. Truly, one nation cannot handle this process. One state cannot successfully win the game of development without the numerous ideas and objectives from other team countries. Likewise, in the game of football, one person cannot be a midfielder, a striker, and a defender at the same time. Same for the togetherness to achieve development in Africa, each countries’ skills, resources, and people can innovatively join forces. It is important that in this journey of teamwork or togetherness each nations will recognize their distinctive personalities, resources as a nation and how well they could assimilate and function as one body.

Thus, even though the saying ‘’there is strength in numbers’’ is a very old cliché, the power of teamwork lies in this fact consistency and numbers. One can imagine how Africa would be if all nations come together, Nigeria producing oil at a good price for the continent, Cote D’Ivoire producing cocoa to produce products that can be exported to other countries, other states bring their resources to serve others in that cycle. No extended aid can penetrate into such a cycle to order us on how to deal with our resources all in the name of conditions and terns for aids

‘’The power of teamwork’’ may be a cliché, but its truth will always stand if Africa countries can come together, bringing their resources and devising a way how each state’s resources can help the other develop there won’t be any need for foreign aids, loans, funding, etc. Africa would be able to stand on its own, we have more than it takes, but it takes deliberate action to come together and stand as a chord that cannot be broken.

Article from AFRIC Editorial

Photo Credit: google image/illustration

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