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250 years after the birth of the nation called Seychelles

Article from AFRIC Editorial
In the contemporary world, many people have so much fallen in love with the nation called Seychelles and would want to travel there at any given opportunity. However, the underlining fact is that many people are in the dark as far as the history of settlement or when the first settlers arrived this island nation is concerned. This wholly explains why Seychelles’ government has made it an event to mark two hundred and fifty (250) years ever since the first slave settlers arrived in the nation.

 Events to mark the 250th anniversary

It was in September 2019 that the serving president Dany Faure of the Island nation of Seychelles declared opened a yearlong event in the country ahead of the 250th Anniversary which is slated for 2020. The head of head declared the activities opened on September 17 this year at a cultural performance at the International Conference Centre in Victoria, Seychelles’ capital city. According to many Seychellois, this pending event will represent a great milestone in the history of the nation as it marks 250 years since the first settlers made Seychelles their home in 1770. Before this official launch, president Faure in August last year created a National Committee made up of nine (9) members to oversee and organise events to mark 250 years of settlement in Seychelles billed for August 27, 2020.

The incumbent leader appointed Sherin Francis, chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board to spearhead all the activities related to the commemoration of the historic and grand event. According to Mrs Francis, the commemoration of this milestone presents an opportunity for all Seychellois to celebrate their beloved country and bring the next generations the realities of the nation and how patriotic they should be. Tony Mathiot, a historian and a committee member quoted; “It will be a grand celebration since we are celebrating the birth of our nation and our civilisation. It will be an opportunity to learn more about our history and our origins. We should all have some national pride as Seychellois to celebrate this unique and historical celebration.” 

History of first settlers

Even though slave trade remains a very heinous and inhumane activity due to the ordeals people go through, this same slave trade let to the discovery of new places and settlements. The history of beautiful Seychelles all began with slave trade. Seychelles remained deserted until 1770 when the primary settlers arrived. August 1770, therefore, writes the history of the first slave settlers in the Indian Ocean Island. History tells us that a group of Europeans together with their slaves reached Seychelles and made Ste Anne their first home.

Ste Anne is one of the many highlands found in President Faure’s country. These people were shipped through – the Telemaque, a name used by some Seychellois families till date. (A name that reminds people of the first page of Seychelles). A total of 28 people from different countries made the country Known as Seychelles today. Among them were 15 French, eight Africans and five Indians, giving a total of 28 people. After the first settlement at Ste Anne Island, people started discovering new places of settlement in other islands including Mahé highland, one of the most inhabited in president day Seychelles. Today, the Republic of Seychelles has a total population of 97,739, according to UN data. This is a clear indication why Seychellois are a mixed-race and their official language Seychelles Creole is also tied to its history of the distinct race. As such the leadership of Seychelles has attached great importance to this historic milestone, celebrating the 250th anniversary of the first settlement.

Seychelles as a touristic destination

In present-day society, the Republic of Seychelles stands as a good attractive tourist destination not only in Africa but the world at large. The 115 Islands in the nation has made it an amazing place for recreational activities. Its beautiful waters, beaches, parks and most importantly, its serene and democratic nature have greatly boosted its tourism potentials. No matter how beautiful a nation is, if it is tumultuous or restive, the number of tourists will dwindle as well. As of December last year, the Central Bank of Seychelles recorded an equivalent of more than $520 million (SCR7.1 billion) in earnings from the tourism industry. All in all, the government of Seychelles is making great preparations to commemorate this great event come August 27, 2020, in a grand style, intending to bring all Seychellois to the realities of their history-how it all began.

The countdown to this event will start on December 19, 2019, and runs till August 27, 2020, D-day for the historic commemoration. There are many fantastic and amazing things to uncover about Seychelles, be it in economy, social and political aspects, this report alone cannot exhaust the history of the island nation.

Article from AFRIC Editorial

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