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Worse or already in danger : The impact of climate change in Africa

Article from AFRIC Editorial
The lingering question, whiling away on the mind of nations, individual, Government, private institutions, etc. how safe is the world now. It is quite clear that the answer cannot be defined, but most importantly how safe is Africa. The continent has been dealing with the effect of climate change since the 1970s, reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) highlights that Africa will be one of the continents that will be most affected by Climate change.

In recent time, all over the world, there has been several demonstrations, rallies, peaceful walk against impacts and effects of Climate change, especially by children. This paints clear pictures of the worsening state of the activities of climate change. Is Africa set to contain the tremendous effects or we are already experiencing the effect?

As the continent is gradually becoming an emerging player on the global scene and market, with an increasing populace of more than 900 million, rich and abundant of natural resources and growing political stability. It is creating a clear indication that it is a serious place to do business, enjoy life, and enhance development.

Progressively fighting to win collaborations that can provide innovations systems willing to adapt to the Africa system to be in harmony with its values, plans, and visions. However, the issue of Climate change has seen little clear actions and a way forward to battle its effect on the continent.

Africa will have no choice but to take in all the consequences climate change brings along if no measures are put in place. Although there has a been round table discussion by many African leaders who have expressed their concerns about the effects of climate change a clear action plan is yet to be developed as a continent. Africa has reached the point where its people are experiencing the effect of climate change across all the regions.

Evidence shows that there is a change in several elements of life, which includes food productivity, temperature affecting health, water availability, livelihoods in general, and overall security of the African people.

According to the Climate Change Vulnerability Index for 2015, seven of the ten countries in Africa are most at risk from climate change. A large part of the Sahel and Southern Africa and parts of Central Africa are heavily experiencing issues from Climate Change. Here are some of the issues being experienced because of climate change.

  • Impacts on Water Quality and Supply

There have been drastic and observable effects of climate change on the water resources in Africa which have resulted in drought, flooding, change of pattern and in the distribution of rainfall, the drying-up of water bodies, and melting of glaciers.

The entire continent suffers when the water resources drops or dries up, because most countries are highly dependent on their water bodies for their livelihood, examples Mali is totally reliant on the river Niger for transport, water, and food, Ghana on the hand depends on the Akosombo dam on the River Volta for hydro-electric for nation. However, these water bodies are going through stretches and facing devastation, this will result in a water crisis if proper measures are not put in place. Drought is another impact that often arises from water resources drying up, between 2011 and 2012, a severe drought hit Eastern part of Africa which was described as the worst drought in a long time. It has been researched that in the next 10 years between 75-250 million people will go through water stress and many as 1.8 billion by the ending of the century.

  • Impacts on Food, Land, and Agriculture

In Africa region, Agriculture is one of the component element because of its rich rain forests, and arable lands but in recent times the decrease in water resource is gradually taking a toll in agriculture which includes crop yields and livestock productivity. East Africa is undergoing a serious food crisis, Oxfam reports that 12 million people in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia are in dying need of food. Agriculture is highly dependent on water resources especially the rain and is likely to drop by 50% by next year. The IPCC indicates that the grain wheat may be in extinct by 2080 and maize a common crop in almost all the Africa region will fall and disappear. This will lead to hunger ending in malnutrition and poverty and a strong fight against sustainable development goals.

  • Impacts on Human lives and Health

Not only does the impact of climate change affect the economic state of a nation. It rains down diverse diseases including respiratory, leading to death, which is often a tragedy for poor countries who have the minimal source to fight such diseases

  • Impacts on Security

Also, the sad impact of Climate change is on security, activities of climate change increase conflicts usually over arable lands, natural resources and also water because most Africa region often shares water bodies for their domestic uses. These conflicts can escalate into wars, wars lead to misplaced populace especially children, the aged and women

These facts sing a clear yet dangerous song for the Africa region, there is a strong correlation between water resources and a nation’s economy. The outlined factors will eventually lead to extreme poverty, which will dwindle the development and progress of Africa.

As a continent we believe, the impacts of climate change is worse but can be changed, and normalized the whole effect for our own good but importantly for the good of our future generations.

Article from AFRIC Editorial

Photo Credit : google image/illustration

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