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Francophonie 2018: Mushikiwabo at the head of the organization

Increased globalization and rapid advancement of the African continent have positively impacted the position of an African in the world’s most renowned and important institutions. Many Africans now occupy the highest positions of global organizations. A glaring example is the recent accession of Rwanda’s Louise Mushikiwabo at the helm of the international organization of La Francophonie IOF. This example comes to refute the assertion that an African occupies only the second position in the world. The intelligence of an African man cannot be under emphasized; some many Africans are becoming more productive and apt for top positions.

Rwanda’s foreign affairs Minister Louise Mushikiwabo emerged as the incumbent secretary-General of the International Organisation of “La Francophonie”. Her victory over other contenders became a reality on the second day of the 17th summit of ”La Francophonie”, held in the capital city of Armenia- Yerevan. The dynamic and reliable African Lady who hails from the east African Nation of Rwanda will be at the helm of this organisation for the next four years. Mrs Mushikiwabo succeeds Canada’s Michelle Jean who has been at the top since 2014. Pending elections, the member states of the continental bloc African Union during a July summit in Mauritania unanimously endorsed the Rwandan Foreign Affairs Minister for the top job.  Still in her quest to become Secretary General, Mushikiwabo embarked on what can be termed a global tour. She visited nations like Tunisia, DR Congo, Niger, Congo Brazzaville, Chad, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Vietnam, Cambodia, among others.  The 57 year old Mushikiwabo has promised to beef up the importance of “La Francophonie”, aimed at rendering it more renowned, evident and open to Africa and the world at large. She has also vowed to tackle youth unemployment in francophone countries, a challenge which consequentially has favoured mass movement, terrorism and radicalisation.

The dependable Mushikiwabo seeks to valorize the exchange of good practices among member states of La francophonie. The position of the Secretary General came to the limelight in 1997 during the 7the leaders’ summit that took place in Hanoi-Vietnam. The current secretary-General Mushikowabo has been Rwanda’s Minister of Foreign affairs since 2009.  Many leaders and Africans have hailed Mme Mushikiwabo for her new deserving


Since the creation of the post, four secretary generals have been at the helm of the organisation.

  • Egyptian Boutros Boutros-Ghali of blessed memory:1997-2002
  • Senegalese Abbou Diouf: 2003-2014
  • Michaëlle Jean FROM Canada: 2015-2018
  • Rwandan Louise Mushikiwabo: 2018-current

What is the international organisation of “La Francophonie”?

Created in 1970, the international organisation of the Francophonie is a body representing nations where French is the main language of communication and a large proportion of the members are Francophones. The organisation whose headquarter is in France has 85 members.

”La Francophonie” motto”égalité, complémentarité, solidarité” , known in English as equality, complementarity, and solidarity. The French oriented organisation seeks to foster the French language, peace, and sustainable development in member states.

At the just concluded summit, Presidents and governments deliberated on major issues in accordance with the body’s mandate including promoting peace, democracy and human rights and upholding education, training, higher education and scientific research among member countries.

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