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Racial brewing: A practice more and more common in Africa

Article from AFRIC Editorial
The organization of mixed marriages (man and woman) of different races influences almost all the families in order to turn these homes into major preponderant enterprises.
Formerly in Africa, when a woman was given in marriage 100 km from the village, the whole family was saddened. At more than 300km, the whole village was bereaved. Therefore, conjugal immigration had never been an effective advantage in our African families, given that the family's affection that was paramount.

Today, being married to a foreigner is a form of wealth. This is an opportunity for the economic development of the family. Because according to the Africans, a European or a Westerner is the most affluent. Thus some Africans lean towards mixed marriage for a definite interest. Others in the grip of desperation, prefer to set their sights on Westerners. The rest long for whites by attraction and bluster, and for the honor of the family.

The fact is that with the advent of scientific advancement, especially technological and digital, marriage has become a rare commodity. Often, we can have a partner who meets all the selection criteria but who has extra-marital relationships such as adultery. This relationship leads to polygamy in most cases. A marital situation in which three out of five women in Central Africa and even in other African regions do not aspire to stay.

Civil wars are also originated from this external conjugal enthusiasm and socio-economic crises too. They are, moreover, the main current sources of domestic mixing. In short, Africans do not really attract anymore. The eyes and the impulses are already riveted towards the West.

Motivations for the inter-racial brewing explosion

If these inter-racial marriages have been on the rise for the past ten years, it is because, for some sociologists, they seem to be the privileged place where cultures confront, dialogue and merge. Moreover, a mixed couple sometimes begins with attraction towards a country, a culture or a color of skin. This kind of marriage may be borne from a journey, during studies, a film, a meeting etc. Thus the desire to overcome the barriers and the additional difficulties related to this type of union is established. Enthusiasm and prudence find their nest in such a relationship.

In addition, the mixed coupling, according to Family life sociologists, also presents itself as an intensive laboratory of exchange, analysis and synthesis, capable of unimaginable solutions to problems solutions on an individual level. This is why, according to a majority of women and beyond the consideration of this affective dimension, inter-racial marriage also corresponds to a mode of resistance or circumvention of the patriarchal model. The one who has always focused on the choice of spouse by the family of the woman. Yet in an inter-racial marriage “the best factor is to avoid thinking of mixed marriage as an encounter between two cultures but to think of it in terms of meeting people” dixit

Advantages and disadvantages

In Africa, for Omar Sylla, the term couple never existed, at least in Senegal. Whereas in the West, as Neuburger reiterated, the couple allows the woman to live her femininity in a setting of “leaving the couple” of the family. The essential element for her is the social realization of the individual. Cultural shock remains certain and the micro-changes brought by this kind of union are capable of generating profound social changes in certain races.

Socio-economically, a mixed marriage (black and white) could cause jealousy among African friends, generally followers of this emotion. Also, the woman’s family will develop in one way or another attitudes likely to repudiate others. it is the same scenario in the African who goes to marry a stranger.

However, both mixed marriages are expanding considerably in the world, as some countries remain resistant to this type of union. This is the case of Switzerland, which has adopted a law to reduce the rate of growth of marriages between Africans and white women.

This is about preserving white culture in Switzerland. According to the information relayed by Africa, 70% of Swiss citizens responded favorably to this idea. For good reason, many Africans marry white women to obtain diplomatic immunity and inheritance. What is glaring is that in France, the rate of inter-racial marriage among women exceeds that of men despite racial restrictions between white and black.

In short, mixed marriages (inter racial) are common everywhere. The only difference is that they always raise questions that may differ with context.

Yes, the compromise seems to be the password of the situation. But whatever the traditions, the universal value that we all want to share is love. If for one his happiness is abroad, the other wants to live on the spot. Nothing should elicit negative emotions. In any case, everyone sees noon outside his door.

Article from AFRIC Editorial

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