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The Renaissance of Africa’s Beauty-Tourism

Article from AFRIC editorial
This is Africa!!! There is definitely nowhere on planet earth that can match its wildlife, rich and wildlands, and rich culture it holds. A magnificent element that makes people easily fall in love with the continent.
According to, ‘’Africa is the second-fastest-growing continent in the world of travel and tourism after Asia-Pacific. The continent is thriving, and growing 5.6% as of 2018 compared to the global average of 3.9% and the broader African economy rate of 3.2%’’.
It is of the high belief that Africa would have been top of travel and tourism growth if not for poor development implementation and policies toward tourism.

Again, quoting, The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), travel and tourism contributed $194.2 billion to Africa’s economy, representing 8.5% of the continent’s GDP provided 24.3 million jobs for Africans in 2018 which is equated to 6.7% of total employment.


Although these tourism activities are spread across leisure, and business it yields up to a high boost and enhances economic development.

The tourism industry is ready to spur more economic benefits, as it is estimated that by 2021, 6.7 million people will be directly employed through tourism, according to the World Bank. This industry is one of the very few women are well represented, as owners, managers, and employees. The statics so far is impressive but as a continent, with such a huge endowment Africa can achieve more. How?

  • Developing strong government support and policies to develop the industry and enticing international investment to support and sustain it. The government needs to play a critical role in investment facilitation, which needs to be done right, focusing and developing on private investment plans and its sustainability, notwithstanding playing the role as partners. These facilitations needs must be based on sound directions and principles that would allow full benefits for the continent. These investment principles and facilitation should be developed with the different markets and challenges that exist and hindering the full reap of reward concerning tourism in mind. Having a comprehensive and quality framework that puts the people and the economy in prosperity

  • Building the capacity and infrastructure for tourism success. Another role to be played by the Government, and one of the challenges that affect tourism success. The quality provision of infrastructure, better transport, electricity and other vital elements for expansion improve results for the industry. These amenities highly attract global hotel chains which serve as a key indicator for global investments, leading to millions and billions of dollars into new projects appealing to tourist locally and internationally. Such activities always lead to the provision of jobs for the local people and more importantly economy progress.

  • Designing and Marketing skills for unique products and destinations. The ability to sell the beauty of tourist products and its resource is critical. Success in tourism depends on the might to sell the attractiveness, the satisfaction, the experience in connection with market trends, tourists taste and expectations. All these factors rely heavily on effective, consistent and efficient promotion, these requirements need to be understood from the top hierarchy of leadership to the last man in position. Africa as a continent needs to develop key actions that speak to the needs of its tourism markets, as well as customized designed promotion that identifies with the different countries as most countries have unique and distinctive tourism features, experiences, and theme to create smart and creative marketing strategy and campaigns to sell these tourist spots at best, with underlining priorities, roles, and objectives.

These activities will help to boost the market, make it competitive, create the awareness as well as interest, appeal to tourist far and near. The greatest objective is to stir up economic activities every season of the year through the creation of strong and concrete digital ideation of the tourism industry needs to be implemented as one of the clear action plans for promotion.

 Selling the stories and the beauty of our culture and heritage should appeal to all. Culture significance and heritage elements can be a huge selling point in our tourism industry. The destination image of the tourism industry of Africa needs to be strengthened.

 Some countries in Africa including Kenya, Rwanda, Malawi, South Africa, Tanzania, etc. have taken drastic measures to amplify tourism policies like liberalized air transport, improving infrastructures, etc. however more efforts can be done to achieve full benefits.

 A typical example is Malawi, the nation transitioned speedily to become an inspiration renaissance in tourism, known for their vast sparkling lakes and beautiful parks, the nation is on its gateway to bag the title as African safari destination because of its conservation policies for parks and tourist sites.

Article from AFRIC editorial

Photo credit : google image/illustration

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