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The two growing components of Africa

Article from AFRIC Editorial
Africa used to be absent in the phase of the technology eruption, moment when the paradox about technology in Africa was like a dead log in muddy waters. When the continent's priority was situated on basic amenities like public infrastructure, electricity, food, etc. Technology was nowhere near the picture. Most technologies, computer system, electronic networks, was far beyond the reach of the majority.
This ideation has gradually faded off, new technologies have strongly take a foothold in Africa, although the scope of its existence is still been defined, its rise in the region is massive.

The path of technology has taken a different wheel turn and a fast one at that, in every sphere of human life in Africa, technology is ever-present. In finance, health, business, politics, etc.

The path of technology has taken a different wheel turn and a fast one at that, in every sphere of human life in Africa, technology is ever-present. In finance, health, business, politics, etc.


In recent times most activities in Africa is ridden on the wings of new technologies, the transition from the “not too interested in technology” suddenly switched to “technology now and forever”.

In the health sphere in Africa, Technology is heavily inculcated in every phase to save lives. In the case of medicine and blood delivery service Zipline drones is on top of this industry. The drones are the world’s fastest and most reliable delivery equipment that has saved a lot of lives in recent times especially for people in rural areas. The existence of waiting for a car or ambulance to deliver drugs or blood is totally cut out as these drones are faster and more effective.


In finance setting, financial exclusion is gradually disappearing. New technologies and financial technology(Fintech) has provided a new phase ensuring a purposeful and growing economic performance which is sustainable and inclusive. Talk of mobile money wallets and transaction where a mother in a village can easily receive money from her son or daughter in a different country or city, a clear example of financial inclusion.


In the Political sphere, technology plays a massive role in democracy. Politics is a critical element in nation-building in Africa from turning out to vote to assessing government performance. In 2014 in South Africa, technology was used to shape the crowd participation during the election. A group of researchers developed an analysis to study crowd participation during elections, they did this by developing VIP: VOICE, a platform engineered to encourage South African citizens to participate in political activities through an ICT/DM platform. The platform saw massive contribution as citizens could engage using their phones and social media, sharing their thoughts and opinions, etc. The development of a platform using technological channels to reach out to citizens incentivizes and shaped the driving participation of voters during elections. Healthy democracy is key in Africa’s development and by far technology is shaping the process as well


Although Technology is well received and appreciated, it drags along the element of talents. The two forces are crucial to Africa full advancement. Both technology and talents can catalyze the change we need as a continent 


These two forces have steadily birth technological incubators and tech startups hubs which have gotten the attention of international investors, bringing their work to the global audiences.

 These hubs are creatively using the power of technology to address Africa’s problems which includes, using tech to reducing inequality, eradicate poverty, sharpening African businesses and enhance civil society sectors.


These hubs are across all the regions dominated more by Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa. Solving the continents’ issues with creative ideas these startups have caught the eyes of the like of Facebook inventor Mark Zuckerberg and other global investors as others have been able to penetrate into international institutions like Google, Apple, silicon valley, etc.

Technology Hubs like Andela in Nigeria has turned the Tech scene into a massive industry gaining more global acknowledgment than any tech startup in Africa. This hub trains and connect young African software developers to global giant firms.

So the trend and pace for Technology in Africa are quite clear. Massively positive and a force to reckon with, especially the two forces Talents and Technology, it is only fair to say the time is right for Africa not to only consumer technology, but only to be a great shareholder thus a distributor of talents across the world to solve not only Africa challenges but that of the world as well as being part of the history that makes the world a better place through Technology.

Article from AFRIC Editorial

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