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Drama in Mali: a police commissioner killed by a crowd of protesters

Article from AFRIC Editorial
For more than a week, there has been intense tension between the police and the population in Niono, Mali.
Issiaka Tounkara, Niono's police commissioner, was lynched by residents of the town, 270 km north of Bamako, in retaliation for one of them by a police officer.
While the violence between communities in Timbuktu (North) has been wounded several times since Wednesday, according to a provisional assessment of the Red Cross, the commissioner was murdered on Thursday by an angry mob.

He was back after an absence of two (02) weeks. Accused of exaction, his departure was requested by the population who did not support his return, said an official of the police station of Niono. Is Issiaka in the crosshairs of the population and his colleagues? Some statements by members of the authority suggest that yes. “Excited protesters besieged the Niono police station to demand the departure of the commissioner in charge of the city.” All indications are that the people were demanding a unanimous departure from Commissioner Tounkara.

According to a statement, a horde of individuals armed with a projectile of all kinds ransacked the police station and assaulted the staff. The policemen overflowed, withdrew and, in their retirement, Commissioner Tounkara wounded in the head, was caught and murdered by the demonstrators. In addition, these protesters broke up the arms shop, took away weapons, burned two (02) intervention vehicles and two private vehicles belonging to the police. Following this violence, the balance is one (01) death and a few wounded are to deplore according to a source of the ministry.

According to the inhabitants of Niono, for a week, there has been intense tension between the police and the population.

After the assassination of the commissioner, the army made a muscular descent to Niono and got several people arrested. Following the assault perpetrated by the population against the chief commissioner, a unit of the police mobile group made very early, the morning of Friday, a descent into the city. On the spot, the police directly arrested the village chief, one of his children and several other alleged accomplices who were forcibly loaded into the transport vehicle.

Article from AFRIC Editorial

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