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Cameroon’s Joel Embiid, NBA’s highest paid pivot

The Philadelphia 76ers basketball player, who has signed a gold contract with the Under Armor brand, will be involved in charity causes in his country.

Cameroonian basketball player Joel Embiid, of the Philadelphia 76ers, has signed a shoe contract with US brand Under Armor which is expected to make it the highest paid pivot of the NBA, announced the player and the equipment manufacturer Wednesday, October 10.
Joel Embiid, whose contract with Germany’s Adidas expired on September 30, joins the small community of NBA players equipped by Under Armor. The American brand, in full development, is still not very present in the NBA but can boast of having under contract the star Stephen Curry.

The details of the contract have not been officially revealed, but according to the ESPN sports channel, it covers five years. In addition, relying on unidentified sources from the equipment industry, ESPN says the 24-year-old will now be NBA’s highest paid pivot.

“Basketball gave me everything, but it must be more than just basketball, it’s the first thing I said to Under Armor,” the player wrote in a statement released by the brand. “I want to use this partnership to do something concrete,” he adds. According to the ESPN sports channel, the player and his new equipment supplier will be involved in charity causes in the Philadelphia area and in Cameroon.

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