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USA: Weapons in free circulation, and the shock of mass killings

Article from AFRIC Editorial
Mass killings are increasing in the country of ounce Sam. In 24 hours, the United States recorded last week two mass shootings. The first of a racist nature that took place on August 03, 2019 in El Paso, Texas, killed about twenty people. The other one the day after in Dayton in Ohio caused the death of ten people. These two shootings, according to the NGO Gun Violence Archives are the 250th and 251st involving 04 people or more in the United States since the beginning of this year. Despite the tweets of President Donald Trump who condemned these acts, these two bloodbaths are relaunch in a country hit by this type of event, the heated debate over the regulation of the sale of firearms.

While most of the killings this year are perpetrated by people who are often described as lone wolves or people with psychological problems, they result in a public perception of the lack of rigor in the purchase and use of firearms in the United States. – United. The figures put forward by the NGO Gun Violence Archives report 272 deaths and a thousand wounded registered since the beginning of 2019. These mass killings most of which took place in public places such as places of worship , schools, concerts or shopping centers aim to make as many victims as possible. In most cases, the shooter is very young.No state in the country is also spared by this massive violence caused by firearms. Despite the multiplication of carnage, the state is struggling to take a firm stand on the amendment on the sale of arms. because firstly, a large section of the American population is culturally very attached to individual liberties, so that the right to have a firearm in his possession to defend himself in case of attack.

The other and not least obstacle is the influence exerted within the political class by the all-powerful National Rifle Association (NRA). With huge funds, the big gun lobby is doing good and bad time in the American political class because of the excessive influence it exerts on the selection of candidates for the different elections that take place in the United States country.

The NRA a major obstacle

The mass killings that have become cult in the United States bring back to every tragic event of its kind, the famous debate on better regulation or even ban on firearms. This controversy, which resurfaces with every shootout, is still at the center of the controversy over the role played by the NRA on the authorities’ inaction on the consequences of the lack of regulation of the sale of firearms. The public denounces the hypocrisy of the policies that they believe play the game of the powerful gun lobby, each time bringing the debate elsewhere.

Established in 1871, the National Rifle Association, which was originally an association of hunters and shooters, played a role in shooting people with weapons in New York State. His motives will change from 1968, when it becomes imperative for the US government to control the firearms trade by regulating it. Based on the second amendment of the US Constitution, the NRA then begins to campaign for the right of the people to hold a weapon is not reviewed. For the powerful lobby that over the years has begun to focus its activities on the sale, purchase and carrying of arms in the United States, there is no doubt that regulating the second amendment of the basic law of the country is a threat to his interests. Through fierce resistance, she successfully overturned the 1993 Brady Act, which imposed a criminal and psychiatric check of all those wishing to buy a firearm. To protect his back, the NRA does not skimp on the means.She is making donations and investing huge sums of money for firearms advertising. Her influence extends to the selection of election candidates that she takes the trouble to choose based on their views on the debate over the freedom of firearms ownership. Those who share their values benefit from their favors during their election campaigns, while those who oppose them are exposed to the influence they exert on a large number of voters and thus see their chances of success mortgaged. Republicans who have chosen to be pro firearms are well rewarded by the association. Hence the sensitivity shown by President Donald Trump in his remarks every time a state is hit by a mass shootout and the debate on the conditions of detention of a firearm resurface.

Beyond the compassionate speeches of politicians, many voices are increasingly heard in the United States to review the law on the purchase and carrying of weapons. This change in mentalities is the result of the proliferation of mass shootings in the country. Opposing the formal ban on guns because of the high crime rate in the country, a large majority of Americans according to a Gallup poll would rather favor the freedom to own a firearm be reinforced by a more control. As a Democratic candidate for the upcoming presidential elections, former US Vice President Joe Biden is in favor of passing laws regulating firearms.

Other candidates like Senator Elisabeth Warren of the same party have also decided to ride this wave. The woman who plans to challenge Republican President Donald Trump in 2020, promises if she is elected president to reduce by 80% the number of deaths caused by firearms in the United States. If these promises made here and there are for the moment only speeches of politicians, the anxiety of the Americans face this scourge that continues is therefore very real.

Article from AFRIC Editorial

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