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Ivory Coast: When culture and sport eclipse politics

Article from AFRIC Editorial
In Ivory Coast, culture and politics do not seem to work well together. For those who still doubt it, have to review the Ivorian social networks, overwhelmed by tributes and information on the tragic death of the star of the coup-shifted Dj Arafat last Monday. Some time ago, on the Ivorian web, there was talk of illegal miners, reforms of the Independent Electoral Commission and other political quarrels.

Monday, August 12, it is with emotion that the Ivory Coast and the world have after the death of Arafat DJ following a tragic accident of the circulation. Ange Didier Huon, in the civil status, was at the top of the cut-off, reference pace in Ivory Coast for more than a decade. With a dozen albums to his credit and so many concepts, the young man of 33 years managed to position this rhythm born in the early 2000s on the world stage.

The evidence, the announcement of his death on Monday, all major international channels in their online versions, have not failed to devote an article to the artist disappeared. Young Africa, France 24, RFI, CNN, the BBC, DW, International Mail, The World … What about social networks where many international stars have expressed their condolences and memories they keep with the one that his fans called ” father of popular China”.

Davido, Youssou Ndour, Booba, Kaaris, A’Salfo Magic System group, MHD, Didier Drogba, Nicolas Pépé or Samuel Eto’O who has even traveled to Ivory Coast to voice his condolences to the family of the artist disappeared.

The Ivorian political class did not stay on the sidelines. The head of state Alassane Ouattara and his wife Dominique reacted to the death of the artist. Same for Premier Amadou Gon Koulibaly, Minister of State Hamed Bakayoko, close to DJ Arafat, and the Minister of Culture Maurice Bandama or other members of the opposition.A few days ago, however, the debates on Ivorian social networks were of another content. Internet users then prevaricated over the controversial reform of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) which still does not satisfy the opposition. In the wake of this debate, former presidents Laurent Gbagbo and Henri Konan Bedie announced their intention to walk together in view of the upcoming elections.

Consolidate reconciliation

In less than a year, Ivory Coast will enter the fearful and critical phase of the election campaign, followed by the elections itself. the holding of an election under a crisis – be it general councilors – is never a good omen. So, when the former head of state Henri Konan Bédié resurfaced the identity debate in June, the web has ignited, fearing new tensions in the country on the edge of the presidential 2020.

For some analysts, however, the sudden death of DJ Arafat could help mitigate latent tensions. The artist had fans in almost every segment of the Ivorian population, especially among the youth, but also in the political class. “The death of Arafat will spark a wave of reconciliation in Ivory Coast, because that there are two things today that Ivory Coast is looking for is its reconciliation and stability. And it starts with two facts: sports with football and music. And it is hoped that the tributes that the Ivorian State is preparing for it will perhaps further consolidate this relationship so much sought after by Ivory Coast, “said Mory Touré, columnist for RFI Africa.

In 2002, at the beginning of the politico-military crisis that hit Ivory Coast, football and music were still there to heal the wounds. The golden generation of the national football team worn by the emblematic Didier Drogba began to take shape, offering Ivorians great emotions. It was also at this time that the baptismal font was cut-off, an urban musical genre born in Paris nightclubs and which allowed Ivorians to resist political conflicts.

A musical genre in which Arafat DJ has positioned himself as the heir and the irremovable leader, after the death of the creator Douk Saga. Since, in Ivory Coast, the efforts become unionized in order to make him the homage due to him.

Article from AFRIC Editorial

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