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Air transport: Cameroon opens trans-Saharan Hub of Garoua

Article from AFRIC Editorial
The objective of the project is to provide fast, reliable and comfortable air transport services between the country's major cities and neighbors, ie 22 flights per week.

The Douala-Bangui corridor passing through the north, is one of the main transport roads in Africa. It is an axis of the community network of Cemac. The 1500km long road is particularly important for trade in goods from the Central African Republic, a landlocked country, Chad, Congo and even Nigeria.
Unfortunately this road section encounters several difficulties because of the means of transport of goods and the problems of insecurity that affect the area and the displacement (17000 / day) of populations remains a headache for socio-economic and political life. It is precisely in view of these deplorable facts as well of the importance of its population is 568040 residents, that the Minister of transport Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe proceeded to the establishment of air traffic Trans-Sahara with Hub operations of Garoua.

An act of brilliance that satisfactorily satisfies the supply deficit in road transport and road safety. “It is important to underline that this project of the line was developed in response to the demand of the populations of the Regions of Adamaoua, North and Far-North, who had difficulty moving between cities. mentioned above and the Chiefs of other Regions of Cameroon like Yaoundé, Douala, Bafoussam and Bamenda. Explained Mintransports in its opening remarks at the opening ceremony of the project last 09 August.

Regarding the start of the express deliver  service, it will be effective from September 15, 2019, and in the next few months, will follow the opening of services in the cities of Kano (Nigeria), Yola, Maiduguri, Niamey, Cotonou and Ndjamena from Garoua and many others, in view of the density of trade between merchants in the northern regions and those of the countries raised.

Project evaluation

All these two products offered to the population will generate a forecast turnover estimated at FCFA between the months of August and December with a profit index of 3%. This index would increase by 10% in 2020 and by 11% in 2021.
A boon that will not only allow the state to open up this area, the people to make short trips to 80% and comfortable, but also increased revenue from the company Camair-co, the main player in the project. According to Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe, “the potential of this market is of particular interest to CAMAIR-Co, whose attractiveness is greater than 70%. He said.

Apart from this objective, Camair-co intends to make this project a public service mission for stabilization in accordance with the vision “A new Spirit”
However, Boko Haram attacks, sabotage of infrastructure, plane failures, and lack of water in the airports of Ngaoundere and Maroua are the major risks that can slow down the economic pulse of the country. It would therefore be prudent to make arrangements as soon as possible to avoid attending historical dramas.
It should be noted that Camair-Co (Cameroon Airlines Corporation) is an airline specializing in the air transportation of passengers and goods. Limited company with capital of 21 856 000 000 Fcfa, it was created by presidential decree n ° 2006/293 of 11 September 2006 with the sole shareholder the State of Cameroon.
Having actually made the maiden domestic flight and a long haul on March 28, 2011, Camair-co subsequently experienced several disturbances. In question, according to the airline, a series of hazards on the technical tools. Concerns that have not boosted any other decision than that of making a considerable reduction in staff are 814 to 568 employees between 2016 and 2018.

This consolidation had rather had a negative effect in the evolution of the airline, moreover, 2018 was a rather illustrative year : The non respect of the travelers, the punctuality of the absent flights and many others furnished the various complaints heard from our sources.
Today, Camair-co has donned its finest assets. With the vision of linking the Atlantic coastline of Africa to the rest of the world, the trans-Saharan Hub de Garoua is fulfilling the ambitions of Louis Georges Njipendi Kouto, General Manager of Camair-co. The flights that are now taking place from Central Africa to West Africa are a breath of fresh air for tourists and travelers, especially with the worries experienced by penetrating East Douala. Such an initiative can only be welcomed by African traders and officials. But “I ask you to trust the Star of Cameroon. Its ambition is to be always close to you and ensure the rapid, safe and comfortable migration of people and goods between different cities of the country, “urged Jean Ernest Massena Ngalle Bibehe to the Cameroonian people.

Article from AFRIC Editorial

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