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DRC Doctor who survived Ebola inspired to help others

Dr. Kambale Tsongo Philemon survived the deadly Ebola viral disease in the Democratic Republic of Congo in November 2018. And now, he’s inspired to treat others suffering the deadly disease at an Ebola medical center in Beni.

“I took an oath and I have compassion for people who are sick. I want to save lives. This is my oath. That is my job and I love it”, he said.

According to the Ebola survivor, his luck was that his wife and children when on holiday at the time he discovered he had the virus.

“I never felt so bad so I asked for a blood test. The other doctors had their doubts.‘You cannot get Ebola,’ they said but the way I was feeling, it could only be Ebola’‘, Dr. Tsongo Philemon said.

The deadly Ebola outbreak in the DR Congo has now been declared an international emergency.

More than 1600 people have died in what has become the second-worst outbreak in history.

Health experts have called for urgent need to increase prevention efforts.

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