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African Youths embrace informal sector to spur economic development

Article from AFRIC Editorial
The economic recession that the world experienced some years back had adverse effects on the economic growth of the world’s nations especially in third world countries. This global recession curbed the demand for energy, greatly affecting oil and gas prices in the global market. This was a real blow to nations that depended solely on oil for the country’s revenue.

Nonetheless, cognisance of the drop in oil prices, countries have begun exploiting other potentials that can boost their economies. Youths remain the most affected when a country’s economy is not fertile. The high rate of unemployment keeps pushing young people to embark on perilous journeys to seek for greener pasture. However, the trend is taking another turn and many African youths are beginning to realize that their destinies are in their hands and that, only by making the right decisions, will they deter from harm’s way.

Likes like President Paul Kagame of Rwanda has constantly reminded African youths that they have more to offer to themselves and the society in which they live than they can ever imagine, thus making them believe they have the potentiality to become successful in their African societies. ‘’Life is not only beautiful overseas’’. President Kagame recently challenged the young people to leave their comfort zones and strive for a better future. He said “Young people should not wait to be told what they can do. Keep trying to find what you can do in your responsibilities, which you can do on your own. Probably when you discover it, it will be better than anything you might be told by someone else”.

Youths in C.A.R becoming industrious

The Central African Republic is one of the countries in Africa that has experienced turbulence since its independence in 1960 and in recent times. Political uncertainty, ethnic conflicts between balaka and the anti seleka rebels have crippled the economy and left the population especially the youths susceptible, with a higher probability of joining the rebel factions. That notwithstanding, some youths in the war-ravaged nation have chosen to be industrious than join the rebel groups. While the government of President Faustin-ArchangeTouadéra is putting enormous efforts to curb youth unemployment, some youths have been investing in the informal sector to contribute their own quota to nation building.

A case in time is DANHOURON Michael who has rather focused on creating something sustainable for himself and the society. This young and vibrant youth has embarked on the production of an anti-mosquito soap or Mosquito- repellent soap. In 2017, the science-oriented young entrepreneur brought to the spotlight a quality and natural antiseptic and a mosquito repellent Soap, with its base in the Capital city of the Central African Republic –Bangui. Malaria, which is very prevalent on the continent has had adverse effects on the local population, hence Mela Soap is coming as a solution to salvage the people.

What is Mela Savon?

Mela Soap as officially labelled,is a mosquito repellent soap for the fight against malaria, which is a great scourge for Africa and other parasitic infections.  Apart from repelling mosquitoes, this soap is also efficient for skin rectification that removes black spots and stretch marks and most importantly, Mela Soap fights against skin depigmentation. According to the manufacturer of Mela Savon, he has always dreamt of a healthy population, thus, bringing forth soap that is safe for the skin and human health is a great milestone.

Who can use Mela Soap?

According to the Bioentrepreneur DANHOURON Michael, Mela Soap has no side effect and as such, both children and adults can use the naturally produced soap.  It should be noted that Mela soap has no side effect on the melanin content of your skin. It is so natural and suitable for all skin type. It is distributed in the Central African Republic and beyond. Notwithstanding, having a perfect packaging for Mela Soap is one major problem DANHOURON and his team are facing at the moment.

The young entrepreneur who also doubles as an Assistant Manager at Université de Bangui has challenged young Africans to channel their positive energies to activities that can uplift their statuses and also have a positive impact on the economic growth of the African continent. Believe in one’s self and potentials. For more information on Mela Soap visit the facebook addresses at michathoms danhouron. In the meantime, African leaders have been challenged to put in place youth oriented reforms that could see a youth inclusive government, thus indirectly curtailing extremism, radicalization which is common among idle and frustrated young Africans.

Article from AFRIC editorial

Photo credit/DANHOURON Michael

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