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Smoking can make you lose your sight

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Millions of people in the United Kingdom put their eyes at risk by continuing to smoke, experts warn. Despite this obvious link, only one in five people agree that smoking can lead to blindness, according to a survey by the Association of Optometrists (PDO). Smokers are twice as likely to lose their sight as nonsmokers, according to the RNIB. This is because tobacco smoke can cause and aggravate a number of eye conditions.

Cigarette smoke contains toxic chemicals that can irritate and injure the eyes. For example, heavy metals, such as lead and copper, can accumulate in the lens – the transparent part behind the pupil and develop light rays – and lead to cataracts, where the lens becomes trouble.

Smoking can worsen vision problems related to diabetes by damaging the blood vessels in the back of the eye (the retina). Smokers are about three times more likely to have age-related macular degeneration – a condition that affects a person’s central vision, which means they lose their ability to see fine details. And they are 16 times more likely than non-smokers to develop a sudden loss of vision caused by optic neuropathy, where the blood supply to the eye is blocked.

In the survey of 2,006 adults, 18% correctly answered that smoking increased the risk of blindness or loss of vision, while three-quarters (76%) knew that smoking was related to cancer. According to the AOP, stopping smoking or avoiding smoking is one of the best things you can do to protect your vision, as well as regular eye exams.

Aishah Fazlanie, Optometrist and AOP Clinical and Regulatory Advisor, said, “People tend to know the connection between smoking and cancer, but many people are unaware of the impact that smoking can have. She explains that “smoking increases the risk of eye-threatening diseases such as age-related macular degeneration, which is, she says, an important reason why smokers should consider quitting.” To smoke “.


In the United Kingdom, 17% of men and 13% of women – about 7.4 million people smoke. More than half (61%) say they want to quit. Statistics from the National Statistical Office show that the proportion of current smokers has decreased, with the largest drop since 2011 occurring among 18-24 year olds.

In 2017, about 2.8 million people, or 5.5% of the UK population, used e-cigarettes, and the most common reason for vaping was to help stop smoking.

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