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Tunisia: Ennahda refuses to postpone elections

Tunisia’s Ennahda Movement yesterday expressed its rejection of postponing elections, denying its participation in discussions with any party working to achieve this aim.

According to the Tunisian Independent High Authority for Elections, legislative elections will be held on 6 October, while the first round of presidential elections will be held on 17 November.

In a statement, Ennahda stressed its absolute refusal to be part of any discussions to postpone the elections.

Ennahda’s clarification comes after “what has been circulated on some electronic and news sites on the positions attributed to the Ennahda movement about its engagement in discussions on the postponement of legislative and presidential elections,” according to the statement.

Ennahda expressed its full commitment to the election dates announced, considering this a constitutional entitlement and an important milestone for the country’s democratic transition.

Ennahda called on the various political and civil forces, as well as all institutions concerned, to prepare for these elections and work towards providing the appropriate conditions to ensure they take place on the agreed date.

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