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E-commerce: CEDIANE the big new born online market in Cameroon

The business atmosphere has gained momentum in the contemporary world; this is very much justified by the number of emerging or start-up businesses both in the formal and informal sector. With this slogan’’ Information evolves and the world evolves’’, doing business has also witnessed some changes. E-commerce or online marketing is taking the number one place in the world. However, many remain in the dark about what e-commerce or online marketing is all about. That is no longer an illusion as CEDIANE ONLINE MARKETING PLATFORM has come to clear the doubts on e-commerce in Cameroon and the African continent at large. E-commerce in simple terms involves the transfer of information across the Internet.

With changing technologies, doing business has been made easier with the advent of online marketing or electronic or e-commernce.  This form of business can be defined as ‘’the buying and selling of goods and services through the internet using the transfer of money and data to execute the business. Though not very common to some people especially in the less developed world, this platform has been rated the most efficient nowadays.

E-commerce has the ability of boosting the government’s revenue. The practicality of e commernce in less developing nations and especially Cameroon is still very problematic. However, it entails just a better understanding of the business for it to boom. Cameroon for example now boots of many e commerce enterprises like Jumia, Kaymu, SAPPGO.CM, SELLAMQUICKVIP etc.These exiting enterprises provide variety of goods and services and have satisfied a whole number of client in Cameroon and the African continent at large. Another giant enterprise that has emerged is Cedian-Cameroon.

CEDIANE is an online marketing platform that has set its roots in the Republic of Cameroon. The reality of CEDAINE Cameroon is as a result of concerted efforts of young and dynamique Cameroonians.Its head office is situated in Douala, Cameroon’s economic capital, precisely Bonamoussadi. Inspired by other online platforms like AMAZONE, CEDIANE’s vision is to emerge as the leading e-commerce market place in Cameroon and Africa (in terms of goods and services), launch other offices in Ivory Coast, Kenya etc…and has its name registered in the stock market; a dream the group seeks to realize in just 5 years of existence. In terms of products, CEDIANE can also boost of 100% in the quality and authenticity of goods and services offered to clients, very proficient and effective customer service that liaises communication between the company and its clients. CEDIANE, a beacon of e- commerce in Africa has a variety of goods and services like pharmaceutical products, household appliances, phones, dresses, electronic devices, sales of cars, real estate etc, all at very affordable prices. In order to effectively satisfy its clients, CEDIANE has created partnership with very renowned enterprises or companies.

As of now, CEDIANE is working with MTN-Cameroon, Mahima Cameroon-sarl, and Arno group among others. Payments are through electronic means; MTN mobile money, Orange Money, VISA cards and payment open delivery. Making hay while the sun shines, Cameroon is gradually evolving in boosting electronic business or online marketing in Africa.

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