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Zambia to host its first ever National Economic Summit

Article from AFRIC Editorial
‘’Time changes everything’’. As the world is evolving, its components, which is the human resource is also evolving. The African Continent has recorded tremendous successes over the years as its leaders seek to uplift the economic status of the continent. Apart from the routine African Union summits that hold every year to brainstorm on the transformation of the continent, many other important and private sector oriented meetings or summits have been holding over the years to discuss pertinent issues affecting the economy of Africa and to look for possible solutions to these problems.

Most often, these summits discuss infrastructure development and investment, very important elements for growth and development. Sharing expertise and ideas go a long way to change the world’s perception of so many things. In efforts to promote President Edgar Lungu’s 7th National Development Plan 7NDP, the Economic Association of Zambia has organized the primary National Economic Summit, to address economic issues. The 7NDP is the country’s development plan for five years, from 2017 to 2021.

National Economic Summit 2019

Zambia under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu is gearing towards hosting its first National Economic Summit. Slated for the month of July, the event which is widely anticipated to run from July 25-26, 2019 is expected to bring together resourceful persons, who seek to highlight economic issues affecting both the Southeast African nation and the global world. The event is organized by the Economic Association of Zambia EAC and will hold at the Avani Victoria falls Resort Livingstone-Zambia.

In order to make the pending National Economic Summit valuable, the EAZ is working in partnership with DII Conference, Institute of Scientific Communications, Harvard University, the University of Zambia UNZA, California Baptist University CBU, Zambia Centre For Accounting Studies ZCAS, Mulungushi University, University of Johannesburg and London Business School.  According to EAZ President DR. Lubinda Haabazoka, the economic summit will pull together economists, government officials, academicians, scholars from around the globe, opinion leaders and university students to deliberate economic issues of utmost importance to the growth of Zambia and the African continent in general. Over 400 from participants are expected to be part of this summit.

The theme of the summit

With economic recovery being a major priority of many nations, the summit will hold under the theme, ‘’the Future of Economic Diplomacy: supporting inclusive growth and sustainable development in Africa. ‘’ It will focus on the following areas;

-Structural policies  and  bilateral trade and Investment agreements.

-International organization  and its role  in   the development process.

-Economic Diplomacy in Africa.

-Regional  Integration  and Infrastructure

-Global Dimension of Growth &  Sustainability

-Economic Integration and Communication Technology

-Institutional Framework  for  Inclusive  Economic  Growth

-Agriculture as a  means  of  Economic   Diversification

-Financing for Development

-Trade and Investment

-Energy and Industrialization

-Policy Framework  for  Growth

-Population, Migration  and  Urbanization

-Socioeconomic  Development

Key speakers

Among the many people or keynote speakers to give constructive talks at the Economic summit are;

-Former President of the Republic of South Africa H.E Thabo Mbeki (A renowned Pan Africanist)

-Former Tanzanian President H.E Jakaya Kikwete

– Current President of Kenya H.E Uhuru Kenyatta

-Host leader H.E President Edgar Lung


The main objective of the National Economic Summit is to create a platform that indorses the exchange of ideas and innovative thinking amid researchers, development practitioners and policymakers at every level.

In cognizance of the 7th National Development Plan, that preaches development for five years (2017-2021), EAZ stakeholders are strongly convinced that the National Economic Summit will give more impetus to vision 2030 and the African Union’s agenda 2060, thus, the need to address pressing economic issues.

Through this summit, the EAZ seeks to showcase the touristic potentials of Zambia, which has been hailed as one of the most stable economies in the region recent times. Livingstone is Zambia’s Tourist destination where the well-known Victoria Falls is located.

-It equally seeks to open opportunities through which the African economy can be enhanced.

-Develop mechanisms that support the proper use of locally made products to stimulate economic growth among other things.


The EAZ is inexorably working to ensure success at the upcoming National Economic Summit. Aware of the fact that the summit is the first of its kind, the Economic Association of Zambia has embarked on a total sensitization to educate various stakeholders, economists, student among others, on how imperative the imminent National Economic Summit is. The anxiety is high and many experts are so enthusiastic about the looming and first Zambia National Summit.

The Economics Association of Zambia

The Economics Association of Zambia was created in the 1960s as the Lusaka Economics Club. In existence for over 50 years now, the EAZ is an apolitical body made up of experts in the areas of economics, business administration and allied fields. Its main aim is to promote Zambia’s socio-economic growth. It is widely seen as a Centre of excellence for professional and independent economic policy analysis and research in Zambia. President Edgar Lungu has commended the work of the EAZ in promoting good governance in the country.

Article from AFRIC Editorial

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