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Changing Make-up Perception in Japan

Article from AFRIC editorial
Nowadays, so many young girls and even women in the world and Africa in particular have totally embraced make-up. The quest to look good physically has pushed many of them to learn some make-up tips. While some do it just for fancy, others have actually taken it as a commercial activity.

This is so true with a 25-year old Chin Carine Sevidzem. This glamorous young Cameroonian, has passionately embraced make-up and created her own brand at SEVYS GLOW COSMETICS after undergoing a professional drill. SEVYS GLOW COSMETICS is the latest trending in the make-up sphere.

Residing in Japan, Chin Carine Sevidzem says she wants to change the perception Japanese have about make-up, by bringing to them good beauty products that will gain their trust. This is because make-up is not very common in Japan. Her first product SEVYS GLOW LIPSTICK is already trending in the market in countries like Japan, Cameroon, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom just to name but these. Here’s what Carine has to say.


QUES: Why did you choose to invest in make-up?

ANS: Well, to be sincere, I was not really a Make-up Fan until I arrived Japan and got the inspiration to do so. While in Japan I discovered that ‘the beauty page’ was still lacking in  so many aspects, so being a foreigner in a strange land, I was looking for commercial activities that I could engage in and so I chosed make-up, primarily because it isn’t very common in Japan given the fact that it’s something that’s trending nowadays. My ideas was welcomed by many after a survey, and that’s how I grasped the opportunity.


QUES: Your brand name is Sevysglow lipstick, what’s the philosophy behind the name

ANS: Basically I’m called Chin Carine Sevidzem (From Cameroon and precisely from Nso in the North West Region of Cameroon) and I love my native name which is sevy so I decided to add glow and spice it up so it can be unique. Bring my identity to my products was the best think one could think of, thus the name SEVYS GLOW LIPSTICK became an ideal brand name for my business.


QUES: What pushed you into embracing entrepreneurship? (Your motivating factor)

ANS: I moved to Japan and realized that people are not into makeup of which is something that is trending, so I decided to learn make-up and there after I started my own business outlet which is sevysglowcosmetic. So on June 12th, 2019, I launched my first ever product which is sevysglowlipstick. The world is fast growing and the perception about so many things changing as well. It’s so amazing to know that the business world is gaining grounds and how overwhelming to also note that so many young people especially Africans have come out of their comfort zones to explore and exploit the many opportunities in entrepreneurship (harnessing one’s potentials and becoming industrious), so I didn’t want to be left behind.

QUES: what’s your vision, where do you want to be in the next 5years?

ANS: In 5 yrs time I want to be a supplier of sevysglow cosmetic all over the world and also one of the best makeup artist worldwide. SEVYS GLOW LIPSTICK is just the first product in the market, but, other beauty products with the same name will also trend the market in the coming months and years.

QUES:  People feel that many young girls now prefer to learn make-up than cookery, what’s your perception about this?

ANS: Smiles……. There is a common saying that ‘’People have the right to their Opinions’. But from my own personal judgement, make-up doesn’t limit anyone. One just have to be focused and blend everything.  You will notice that make-up is something that has gained grounds in today’s world, it actually changes your look especially for people who got acne and some skin complications. Some people actually believe in the power of professional make-up, then why not embrace it to satisfy those who crave for.  A lady will feel sad on her wedding day if her Make-up doesn’t suits her taste, this is just to illustrate how some people value their beauty and professional make-up.

QUES:  apart from investing in make-up, what is other professional side of you and how do you blend the two.

ANS: Apart from makeup I am a teacher by profession and it’s easy to blend the two because it makes it easy for me to explain stuff to customers. You know, in the contemporary society, women have become so industrious that they can engage in many activities that yield profit, thus contributing their own quota to nation building. Being a teacher is so amazing and remains one good thing that ever happened to me, impacting positive knowledge especially in the minds of young ones, already defines how tomorrow’s society will be. Choosing Make-up as a commercial activity is also so fulfilling, this explains why I had to go an extra mile into creating my own brand.

For more information, contact her at

[email protected] Chine Carine Sevidzem

-Sevy’corner (Sevyglowcosmetics)

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Article from AFRIC editorial.

Credit image/Sevys Glow Cosmetics


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