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Bursting business in Africa (dangote business school)

‘’ If many have agreed on the fact that success comes from the Almighty, Dangote seems to be of the opinion that academic proficiency coupled with experience is what will enable Africa to be an industrialized continent’’.

Doing business or becoming an entrepreneur in an African context before independence has always been a myth. A large number of Africans were in the dark like ‘’Prisoners in the cave’’ who could not compromise the realities of doing business and positively impacting their economies. However, as time evolved, the African Man became alienated from the belief that he was meant to consume rather than bring forth projects that could uplift economies of African countries. It is no doubt that dating back to the 60s; we could talk of billionaires who were never educated. In the preceding years strong entrepreneurs emerged like Richard Maponya, who put to bed numerous successful businesses in the town of Soweto- South Africa, Dr. Nthato Motlana also known as ‘the renaissance man’ of South Africa, with successful careers in politics, medicine and business. Many saw him to be the father of economic empowerment in South Africa. In the contemporary Africa; the emergence of many business tycoons has had great impact to the African man and its ecomony.  Here comes a strong hearted man; a Philanthropist, charismatic and civilized business mogul. Aliko Dangote is his name.

Who is Aliko Dangote?  Born on April 10, 1957, Dangote is a Nigerian citizen who originates from Kano state. Being a Haussa, Dongote is a renowned Nigerian investor and the C.E.O of Dangote Group. With the advent of Mr. Dangote, doing business across Africa or becoming an entrepreneurial giant in the continent has taken a strong and different dimension in the business environment in the African Continent. In fact Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote can be referred to as ‘’ the beacon of hope’’ to the African continent. Boosting Nigeria’s economy in particular and other counties within the continent in general has always been the desire of the business magnate- Dangote, extending entrepreneurial hood through the creation of a business school- Dagote Business School. One of the most problematic economic question that is posed among aspiring Africans is how and what to invest in so as to become influential business tycoons in the continent. Career orientation, policy and advocacy empowerment, are some of the key factors that are lacking in the African youth, considering that they make up about 75 percent of the Continent’s growing polulation, thereby eliminating the future and building skepticism in the future that lies in its youthful population. The Dangote Business School has come to sort out these problems and bring solutions to them by empowering the African youths in the area of job creation and job development.



The dream of opening Dangote Business School (DBS) became a reality in 2014. The higher and more practical business school aims to promote high-level business management and entrepreneurship knowledge guided by global good practices. As per reports, although the DBS is new, the graduate programmes offered by the School can be back dated to over 3 decades. It was set up to consolidate the reputation and relevance of the graduates programmes offered and also diversify into numerous disciplines related to management, entrepreneurship and globalization to better train corporate leaders, prospective managers, and society builders to overcome emerging challenges and also exploit global opportunities for the benefit of humanity.  Dangote Business School is situated in Kano state Bayero University.

While unveiling the structure some years back; Dangote said his vision for the business institution is for it to become a reference point when it comes to learning to do business in Africa. He reiterated that the school will be training potential African leaders in business. It is often said that great and successful businessmen end the respect and admiration of their partners and young entrepreneurs. Aliko Dangote stands as an icon for he has influenced many young African entrepreneurs and instilled the spirit of entrepreneurial ship in others. A clear example is a 37 year old young Cameroonian entrepreneur, Triyah Swebu- C.E.O of Asset Management and services group AMG-Group. 

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According Mr. Triyah, Dangote Business schools has come to answer some of those many questions asked by Africans. He was quoted as saying  ‘’ If many have agreed on the fact that success comes from the Almighty, Dangote seems to be of the opinion that academic proficiency coupled with experience is what will enable Africa to be an industrialized continent’’.  Triyah further explained that Africa is of course in disguise the bread basketball of the world and this see places with Africans themselves being the real actors in terms of human labour, intelligence and infrastructure as well and machinery.  Dangote Business academy is to abolish that idea believing that only non Africans can offer ready -made entrepreneurs. Africa is in dire need of industry, our rich soil and raw materials are poorly exploited.  Categorically, Mr Triyah thinks Tony Olumelo is another example and that Africa needs more vibrant business tycoons to stop youths from emigrating. ‘’What happened in the Libanon and other Asian countries to Africans is a clear message for every level headed business man to be a solution’’.

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