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DRC: When women take the wheel of taxis

Article from AFRIC Editorial
In its entrepreneurial innovation momentum, The company “working ladies” has put a fleet of "ubizcabs"-driven taxicabs in Kinshasa into circulation by women. Arriving on the market less than a year ago, Ubizcabs taxis have become the favorite of the kinois in particular for their comfort and the quality service rendered by these conductive women.

The pink-grey taxis have regilded the image of public transport and have changed the perception of taxis in Kinshasa. These high-end vehicles with a 100% female driver’s team during the day, is a particularity in traffic and an innovation in Congolese society for the quality of service rendered. Comfort and availability are the strong points of the uber Congolese.Ubizcabs offers an enticing all-in-one: air-conditioning, WiFi, magazines, appetizers, juice, water and impeccable service by women to the ruffles of its luxurious cars. Indeed, it is this package that propelled Ubizcabs on the front of the stage. At only 6 months of existence, Ubizcabs already had thousands of orders and a monthly turnover of about 150,000 Congolese dollars.

Ubizcabs competes with ordinary taxis

To get his children back to school, to go to the Office or to the airport, the Kinois and the tourists in DRC now count on the taxis Ubizcabs day and night. Thanks to the ubizcabs application, the reservation can be done in one click from its Smartphone. The taxi comes to pick you up in front of your gate or at the indicated location and takes you to your destination. This way you can track your route, its timing or its trajectory from your phone.

“I chose ubiz because I find it is much more comfortable and convenient. I can call them at any time, and there is no problem of unavailability, “said Anita, a passenger who was satisfied with the services provided by Ubizcabs’s professionals. Here is no cash payment. For an hour of race marked by stops, the customer will only have to pay $10. An amount payable by credit card or mobile money.

As for comfort, the kinois enjoy Ubizcabs taxis because of the security. During the day, these geo-localised taxis are exclusively driven by women. And as we all know in reality, women are more cautious and attentive at the wheel and do everything with care. Less risk of scratching the car, dirtying it or even walking on someone. Women are much more concentrated and know how to respect the code of conduct and avoid accidents.

Unlike pink taxis, yellow taxis are more common. You only find them on the big arteries and by chance in your alley. Drivers are not always in a good mood and the cost is often high. In case of bad negotiation, the whole thing can turn into an argument if not a fight. The drivers are mostly less professional and aim first the money at the quality of service to render. Some of the thugs also pass for taxi drivers to steal the passengers ‘ belongings.

Ordinary taxi drivers are allergic to spontaneous and even informed stops. They always pose a currency problem and sometimes lead with less caution and at unrecommended speeds. Always in a hurry to arrive, the drivers of kin, otherwise the drivers of the means of public transport bifurcates in alleys sometimes marshy and muddy and do not care to splash the dirty water on the pedestrians or to dirty the bus. A daily life very far from being changed.

A mixed team

For security reasons, at night, it is the men who drive. Men or women, the employees of this public transport company are trained on the new technologies offered by these taxis that emphasize gender equality. The uber Congolese has a total of 15 geo-locatable cars and intends to have more. An initiative and an innovation claimed by the Congolese of Kinshasa.

Ubizcabs taxis have emerged thanks to the competition of the National Investment Promotion Agency  and major economic partners such as banks, telephone companies, manufacturing plants and others. So far, everything seems to work very well for Ubizcabs who intends to reach 1000 cars in circulation as a fixed objective.Ubizcabs intends to facilitate the daily life of the kinois and also sets the goal of helping women to become independent of men, to give better living conditions to all Congolese citizens and to reduce unemployment in the region.

Although the security problem arises in the subregion, the Congolese authorities have put in place an identification service in order to overcome the concerns of recurrent robations and kidnappings.Leave the banks to trust the dedicated startuppers to bring something different in our continent and accompany them so that quality services spread in the subregion facilitating the employability of young people.

Article from AFRIC editorial.

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