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CAR: Eviction of traders at the city center: a headache for the mayor

These recent times, the city hall disappoints Bangui inhabitants by the type of activities it carries out vis-à-vis traders, as well as unhealthiness that is in full swing. On Monday September 10, the Bangui mayor with support of the police evicted the sellers on the run from the city center.

First, the ministry of public security has banned motorbikes from driving downtown, and that is a good thing. On Monday, 10 of September, the city center almost looked like a desert area. Traffic turned idle, and the street vendors were no longer visible on the arteries. At each corner of the city center, we could see police and gendarmerie command vehicles.

In the middle of the day, these street vendors tried unsuccessfully to see Emile Gros Raymond Nakombo, the president of the Bangui city special delegation to find a solution to all these harassments.

One thing is to get street vendors out of the city to leave the places they occupy, but another one is to find solutions to the problem of their relocation given that, most of these traders come from KM5, since the Mamadou-Mbaiki (KM5) market is no longer operational because of insecurity. In principle, the city council of Bangui should find a place to install them, as did its predecessors in the past.

If today the city council chases away the street vendors of the city center, who came from the KM5 market, she must recall that the latter which have made of this sector the economic heart of the country in the past. Chasing downtown traders without proposing them another place constitute a real headache for Emile Gros Raymond Nakombo who may not know how to manage things.

However the traders of the Bangui capital do not know where to their heads and to which saint to turn to. With the crisis through which the country is going through, part of the city of Bangui is occupied by terrorists (case of the 3rd district), without any consequent reaction of the elements of Minusca ever since, even less from the defense and internal security forces, for the moment.

Emile Gros Raymond Nakombo cannot afford the luxury of dislodging traders without proposing them alternatives. It must be said that the traders no more have a place because of the city council and the department of urbanism fault, due to a lack of initiative. But, what can we do?

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