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Why is it taking time to set up the senate?

The constitution of March 30, 2016 provides the creation of senate as the second chamber of the national assembly, whose main mission is to censor all laws passed by the first chamber of the elected officials of the nation. But today, the candidates for the senate election are deadlock and wonder how long the establishment of the senate by the government?

Just like the Ivorian president Alassane Dramane Ouattara said “Democracy has a cost, you have to pay the price’’ (sic). This means that demography requires a colossal expense to favor its rooting and implementation in a country.

According to Dvaid Nilcon, democracy is defined as the power of the people by the people and for the people. This notion requires the application all the fundamental laws in force in a country. A good democrat is one who respects and applies all the rules of democracy. While, in CAR, not all presidents of the republic want to respect and apply the constitution of the Central African Republic in its entirety.

It is often this old practice that creates conflicts in the Central African society, it is also the case with the president Faustin Archange Touadéra who had sworn on the bible and the constitution in front of the whole nation, and promised that he will respect all Central African laws in force.

In the Central African Constitution provides for the establishment of all republican institutions within a period of one year, until then, the president of the republic and his government have not yet set up the second chamber of the national assembly which pushes us to infer that it is a violation of the fundamental law of the nation.

According to some observers, the president Faustin Archange Touadéra has no desire to organize the senatorial elections, because the head of state mentioned two reasons that could block the process of the establishment of a senate.

The first reason is the lack of financial means to organize the elections of mayors and senators, and the second reason mentioned by the president is the problem of insecurity especially in the hinterland.

Despite all the proposals made by the president, some observers have rejected allegations like “the president of the republic has no financial resources”. That is why it would slown down the process of setting up the senate.

Some political parties in the country would like the idea of setting up this second chamber to be dissolved, because we are in a period of crisis where the urgency is security. And in addition, the state does not have the financial means to pay the senators.

It is therefore up to the government, the parliament and the constitutional court to decide on the question of the dissolution or maintenance of the senate as the second chamber. But the law remains the law therefore the executive power is bound to apply the country’s constitution.

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