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Central Africa Republic: Is president Touadéra under pressure?

The fact remains that Touadéra is under pressure for two reasons. He is under the pressure of armed groups with their cut-throat claims, as well as he is under the pressure of the international community and France in particular.

The Russian presence in the Central African Republic is the new bone of contention, while oil has been the bone of contention between Bozizé, Patassé and France. We should say that at this moment, France is firing on all wood and as everyone knows ‘’ the end justifies the means’’ in such circumstances. France blackmail and make barely veiled threats? It is up to the Central African authorities to know how to interpret the signals and how to deal with them.

Anyway, France will never move forward face uncovered. She will use armed arms and performers, as she did to over throw Patassé and Bozizé. Here it is Machiavellianism that prevails not morality.

Touadéra can get away with it if he takes the right measure of the threat of destabilization that often ends with a ‘’pounding blow’’, such as a stroke or armed rebellion. In this case, there are always authorities in ambush to pick up the pieces. There are those who are brides and supported by chancelleries, by some neighboring states and the Elysee, if one does not add the influence of Masonic lodges.

Touadéra can get out of this situation if he is able to sniff the wind direction and anticipate by political measures that are as much republican decisions as well as measures of relaxation.

A statesman is recognized for his ability to make decisions and to assume them. But it all starts with the ability to recognize and accept political mistakes.

By Saint-Cyr GBEGBE

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