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Washable Hygenic towels made in Burkina

Forget the cup (menstrual cup), too restrictive to use in Africa, especially in rural areas where drinking water is scarce. As for the free instinctive flow method, it requires a knowledge of one's body and an education in the menstrual cycle before it can be applied without incident.

A Burkinabè women’s cooperative has embarked on designing an ecological hygienic protection. Focus on the Protect Paga Period.

Also, to remedy the lack of sanitary means and hygienic protections (often very expensive), the Protect Paga Period (P3) led by a women’s cooperative specialized in the art of recycling, was recently born in the city. Ouahigouya, in northern Burkina Faso, thanks to the support of Movement France.

It is also to put an end to the stigma of the rules that the project was launched. And for good reason, often misunderstood and isolated, the majority of girls abandon the path to school. When they do not use DIY protections that endanger their health, such as tea towels, sheets and other pieces of newspaper.

“We use locally present materials, such as cotton toweling and wax,” says Gaëlle Nougarede, a graduate in sustainable development and environment, President of Movement France. And to continue: “We have a material that we collect in France for the waterproof part, our little manufacturing secret”.

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