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Ebola likely to spill into parts of Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan

According to World Health Organization (WHO) the failure by health partners and other organizations to contain the spread of the deadly Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo may result into the spread of the virus to other neighboring countries of Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan.

WHO and its partners have set emergency and response teams at the border crossing points of these countries to deal with any suspected cases of Ebola entering the unaffected territories.

It added that the continued armed conflicts accompanied with tribal clashes in the northern part of DRC have made containing the virus more difficult as the conflicts continue disrupting the set-up Ebola treatment facilities. And also, forcing patients to run into unaffected communities spreading the disease further.

In its reports, WHO noted that the second largest and worst Ebola epidemic to have hit the country has claimed more than 1600 lives in the DRC amidst the limited funding to aid in its response activities.

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