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How social media favors divors cases

Divorce has become prevalent or common in today’s society. Many factors have been advocated justifying the reason for divorce cases worldwide; however, in the contemporary society, social media or the continued use of internet has been seen as the major reason why families drift or separate. Creating awareness to avoid this phenomenon remains important. “Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got.” – Robert Brault.

Asserting the fact that social media or networking has promoted unity and new discoveries, its setbacks remains very alarming having with great impacts to the society. The increasing use of internet has become a major factor behind an increase in the divorce rate in the world at large. In the contemporary world, couples now spend too long talking online instead; of discussion and devoting time to each other and risk growing apart. A report by the Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs revealed that the number of couples getting divorced rose from 2.68 million in 2010 to 3.64 million in 2014. The figures show that the divorce rate has increased for 10 successive years. The rapid growth of social media, including the ‘WeChat’ instant messaging service, makes communication easier, but can reduce the amount of time given to personal, direct communication, something that is essential to sustain marriage. For some couples, the time spent on social networking is excessive. Instead of spending time

on a a household or relationship priorities, too much emphasis is given to computer browsing, checking out Facebook or Twitter, etc.

Looking at it from this point of view, connecting with people from your past can cause issues such as a lack of trust and honesty in relationships. Many perceive writing of messages as a harmless means of communicating, but just because the contact is not personal, as in, face-to-face, does not mean that the messages wouldn’t be hurtful to a spouse or misread as flirting or more than just ‘innocent’ chatting.

It may sound unreal, but some spouses discover so much about a partner’s affairs or extra-marital activities via social websites. Social Media has been seen to have caused or created a tensed atmosphere between couples with either couples very unsecured due to posts by their spouse on the social media such as Facebook. When social media details are hidden from partners it creates suspicion and jealousy, all these can play a vital role leading to separation or divorce. In a nutshell, the only thing that kills a marriage is loss of love. If a marriage is happy, it will not cause loneliness. Feeling lonely is a sign of an unhappy marriage. Therefore the popularity of social media is partly the result of unhappy marriages and not a major reason why families should be separated. ‘’Love conquers all’’.

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