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Elections in Ukraine: The Zelensky phenomenon

Article from AFRIC Editorial
Volodymyr Zelensky, a professional actor, was elected President of Ukraine against Petro Poroshenko. After appearing as president of Ukraine in a television show on Ukrainian television, fiction became reality for the actor, as he was able to convert his fans into voters. Let us try to explain the reasons for the phenomenal success of the new politician; Vladimir Zelensky, and the consequences of his victory in the presidential elections in Ukraine.


The global trend of rebelling against the government systems has reached Ukraine, when the masses get tired of the old elites and raise populists and other “friends of the people” to rebel against these systems. As a result, the United States elected the president of the eccentric, Donald Trump. Europe has a good number of examples of humorists with successful political careers: in Italy, the Movement of Five Stars humorist Beppe Grillo won the last parliamentary elections, and the Slovenian Prime Minister Marian Šarec became the Prime Minister.

Such a trend will sooner or later come to other countries around the world.


Vladimir Zelensky became a protector. Many people did not vote for Zelensky himself; whose program and political team are not yet very clear to the people, but against the current government. It is clear that Vladimir Zelensky, who does not have the slightest political experience won, coupled with the fact that his is a “new face” on the political scene.

Showman Vladimir Zelensky played his cards well during the Ukrainian electoral campaign. At first, it seemed like he was simply “playing the president.” As Studio “95 quarter’s” permanent artistic director, Zelensky filmed the popular television comedy series in Ukraine, “The Servant of the People.” Zelensky played the role of an impossible character in Ukrainian politics; a simple teacher who became an honest president “A servant of the people without quotes”.


Vladimir Zelensky in his campaign focused on networking sites; YouTube and Instagram. In addition, Zelensky’s convincing success in campaigning on the Internet speaks of his adaptability, focusing on a beautiful show, and a younger audience. It was Zelensky who set the pace today in the election campaign. And his idea of ​​a debate at the stadium obviously played into his hands. Zelensky feels like a fish in water in this milieu, unfortunately, the former president Poroshenko could not refuse the proposed debate. This is because under the conditions of the political struggle, this was the closest they could get to “direct” democracy; this would have meant complete “loss of face” if he backed out. This is very significant since the current government in the face of Poroshenko was forced to play according to new rules set for them.

Today, politicians compete with brands to reach an audience. Communication with the public went through the digital transformation and went into the elemental plane of social networks. Twitter and Facebook has become the main tool for Western leaders to communicate with the public and assess public opinion. Many members of the US Congress have their own accounts and even write their own post, and some flood as #anthonyweiner. All members of Congress also have full-time employees (usually a communications manager) who are responsible for monitoring what people say about them on social networks.

The peak of the election campaign in Ukraine was the debate on April 19 at the stadium, in which 2 candidates participated; Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Zelensky. Following the results of the views, this political debate has every chance of getting around the release of the final episode of the series “Game of Thrones”.


It is worth noting that Vladimir Zelensky announced the results of the national ballot at Zelensky headquarters and in his wining speech he said “I want to appeal to all the republics of the former CIS – anything is possible!”

This speech was watched in Paris, London and Washington, and these are not just words. Zelensky’s victory is an unconditional precedent that can fundamentally change the methodology and strategy of the next political elections in many countries of the world.

Zelensky is a recognizable and popular young man. He had been not in power for a single day before announcing his candidacy for presidential elections in 3 months; passed to the second round, made a show; asked questions at debates that were difficult to argue against; got maximum support, and ended up with stunning winning result, congratulations and recognition by all countries of the world.

Article from AFRIC Editorial

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