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Libiya: The return of Salif Al Islam in politics

Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi has never hidden his desire to return to the front of the political scene in Libya. He always made it known through his relatives. Several times since his release, he promised to speak directly to his supporters, but he gave up, each time for security reasons. Today, it is through the voice of one of his representatives that he officially announces his candidacy for the presidential elections scheduled for this year in Libya.
Although claimed by the International Criminal Court, Saif al-Islam still enjoys significant popularity in Libya. This popularity goes beyond the borders of the country and extends to different African countries. (RFI)

Libyan Renaissance

After an nth attack that killed nearly ten people in Tripoli this week, one wonders if the Libyan chaos triggered by France and NATO will ever come to an end.
As a reminder, the Libyan nightmare began a few months after the assassination of the Mohamad Gaddafi guide in the Arab Spring, the manipulation campaigns ended up doubting the populations of the most prosperous people of Africa, as to the ability of the guide of the revolution and its government to continue to make this great desert the richest country on the planet.
The day after his death Libya plunged into an unprecedented disaster, the authority having given way to armed militias of all kinds backed by foreign countries in exchange for oil Benghazi or huge gas reserves of this country.
From this Libyan gueria, more and more monsters are born and shake the gates of Europe like; immigration that has increased by more than 75% to the European doors, small and large scale bloody attacks claimed by the Islamist cells and their multiple dismemberments.
In France, England and Belgium the vigilance and budget allocated to the antiterrorist has increased on average 60% since the destabilization of the Gaddafi government to the point where a few months ago some international and national leaders murmured the name of the eldest son of the ex-Libyan guide: as a providential man at this exit from this chaos.
Recently, the attacks by the National Libyan Petroleum Board and its investment since 2014 in politics after its release from the prison of zintan for political facts without any real basis, the Western Saif al-Islam says have great ambitions for the people of Libya as he himself says a vision “political security and social” and is ready and having all the necessary evidence to condemn former President Nicolas Sarkozy for the atrocities committed in Libya and also favorable to collaboration with the French justice in the huge corruption case of which Nicolas Sarkozy is implicated.

Saif al Islam: Man of the situation in Libya

Holder in 2008 of a PhD from the London School of Economic and a degree of architecture in 2005 from Tripoli University, born June 25, 1972 he became in 2011 President of the International Foundation Gaddafi for charity and development, in the 2000s he was one of the main emissaries of the Jamahiriya at the international level. A declared supporter of a reform of the Libyan political system, he has often been described as the potential successor of his father.

With this experience and his role close to the guide he has created very distinguished and honorable reports with the great religious leaders and tribal leaders who constitute the vanguard of harmony and peace in all Libya living of Gaddafi’s father. And whose dignity and attributes have been sadly flouted by the NTC’s self-proclaimed leaders who have dismissed tribal leaders from the current management of Libya’s resources, interests and internal politics.
Since 2017, the one that the people affectionately call “Saïf engineer” is preparing in Tunis to answer the call of his compatriots who have seen their country pass from the top of the most prosperous countries in the world in terms of GDP, a free Access health to education and credit financing to a country without infrastructure destroyed, from a sovereign state and guardian of its borders to portions of territory to the hand of militia trafficking of any kind, terrorist arms dealers and To be human .

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